Auction Services


The Capital Equipment Exchange (CEE) is a leading expert in the Printed Circuits Board assembly equipment market.  APEX Auctions (Apex) is a globally acknowledge leader in online industrial auctions.  Now we have combined these two industry leaders to bring you one heavy weight auction team. 


Why go with CEE/Apex solution?  You gain the best of both worlds.  You gain access to a PCB assembly industry expert (CEE) that can accurately and honestly appraise your equipment value and then make potential buyers comfortable with useful equipment information.  They are teamed with a globally recognized leader (Apex) in industrial auctions with over $20,000,000 in annual sales while having done business in over 60 countries (2010).  These two powerhouse companies combine their ample marketing resources to help you touch every corner of the world while marketing your auction/assets.

Let the strength of these two industry experts work for you:


  • A personal one-on-one relationship between seller and Apex/CEE
  • A specially tailored solution to best fit your asset sales situation
  • Industry experts in both PCB assembly (CEE) and industrial auction industry (Apex)
  • Expert equipment valuation done by people from the PCB assembly industry (CEE)
  • We will guarantee the sale $

Publishing and Auction Marketing

  • Accurately and substantially defined equipment descriptions insuring maximum buyer comfort in bidding (CEE)
  • Professional photography and video with relevant staging (Apex/CEE)
  • The industries largest online database specifically targeted to PCB assembly equipment users globally (CEE)
  • SEO Leaders in PCB assembly search (CEE)
  • The industry’s leading auctioneer and customer Db (Apex)
  • SEO Leaders in industrial auction search (Apex)
  • Professional online and hard copy brochures specifically targeted to maximize auction participation
  • Both in and out of industry marketing
  • Technical experts showing equipment running prior to auction


  • 100% in house proprietary auction software means we are never down due to software issues!
  • Easy to navigate, easy to bid web (Apex)
  • Auction web site assistance  (Apex)
  • Multi-functional and personal web page configuration so you can watch just the items you want to watch
  • Day of equipment technical assistance prior to bidding.  If you have an equipment question, just call us. (CEE)

Final Settlement

  • Easy check out and payment (Apex)
  • You can have your high dollar assets professional packed by people who understand what a comprehensive equipment tie down looks like (CEE)
  • Complete logistics assistance with recommending and approved carriers
  • Point of contact assistance post sale, we don’t leave you hanging.


For more details download the CEE Auction Sale Brochure by clicking here

Or contact you CEE Sales Representative at (815) 363-0800 or