PCB Conveyors

Conveyors transfer the PCB through an SMT assembly line and most PCB assembly processes.

Most PCB conveyors use edge belts for conveyance. The belts often have a 3mm or less footprint on the edge of the PCB. Although much less common, other types of PCB conveyors include roller chain and flat belt conveyors. A fully automated SMT line often includes the following conveyors:

  • Destacker or Magazine Handler to load the line with PCBs
  • PCB transfer conveyors (multiple) to transfer PCBs from one machine to the next
  • Gates (either shuttle or lift) to create an access point to the other side of the SMT line
  • FIFO Buffers store PCBs when an upline process is not accepting PCBs,
  • Diverters rotate a PCB for a change in transfer direction while Flips (Inverters) swap the top side of a PCB
  • Workstations are designed to provide a comfortable and functional area for manual intervention. (i.e. inspection, hand assembly, etc.)
  • Magazine handlers or roller chain conveyors are used to collect PCBs from the process line

Most conveyors are PLC controlled and use off-the-shelf components, so spare parts are usually available from many 3rd party sources.

Some common brands for PCB Conveyors include:

JOT, Conveyor Tech, Simplimatic, Nutek, FlexLink, Asys, and Universal

All brands have their strengths and limitations.  Be sure to consult with a highly experienced Capital Equipment Exchange Sales Consultant to convey your needs.  We can guide you to your best solution.

If you don't find the machine you require, please contact sales. Machines that are coming soon are not listed on our website.

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