Panasonic CM402-M SMT Placement

Panasonic CM402-M ID: 6216

Panasonic CM402-M {ID: 6216}

Beautifylly maintained and calibrated CM402-M, 60k cph & large component range
CEE ID: 6216
Status: Sold
Model: CM402-M
Vendor: Panasonic
DOM: 2005
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 200/220/380/400/420/480V 3ph 50/60hz 3.5kVA
Dims: 2350mm x 1840mm x 1430mm @ 3,000 kg

Model: KXF-4Y3C
Qty.4 - Light Weight 8 spindle heads
Includes 4 feeder bank carts
High Productivity in a Compact Design
Ultra-high-speed placement is achieved by utilizing multiple heads and an extremely accurate recognition system. In addition, the main body has a space-saving small footprint.
Max. speed: 0.06 s/chip 60,000 cph
Space productivity: 9,560 cph/m2 (4 high-speed heads)
Intelligent Feeder
Five types of tape feeders support all tapes.  Tape feed pitch can be set digitally. The parts count recording function issues a warning when the number of parts remaining is low.
Tape Splicing Function
The intelligent feeder, which warns when parts are low, decreases the machine’s stop time due to depletion of parts. This improves the operating rate while lowering the operator’s workload.
   Min   L x W to 50 mm × 50 mm
   Max   L x W 330 mm × 250 mm
Number of nozzles   8/head
Maximum speed   0.06 s/chip (60,000 cph)
Space productivity   9,560 cph/m2
Placement accuracy   ±0.05 mm/chip
Component dimensions   0201 (0603) C, R to L 24 mm × W 24 mm
PCB EXCHANGE TIME   0.9 s (board length: up to 240 mm)
ELECTRIC SOURCE   3-phase AC 200 V ±10 V / AC 400 V ±10 V, 2.5 kVA
PNEUMATIC SOURCE   490 kPa, 150 L/min (standard, machine body only)
  W   2,350 mm
  D   2,690 mm
  H   1,430 mm
MASS   3,000 kg (not including collective-exchange cart)
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