Universal GSM1 *upgraded* + AMV Dispenser

Universal GSM1 *upgraded* + AMV ID: 6242

Universal GSM1 *upgraded* + AMV {ID: 6242}

Upgraded GSM with FlexJet & AMV Dispense Head
CEE ID: 6242
Status: Available
Model: GSM1 *upgraded* + AMV
Vendor: Universal
DOM: upgraded
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 230V, 3ph, 30 amps
Dims: 66x86 @ 7000 lbs

UPS+ - windows software
NPI Software - New Product Introduction s/w for quick set-up and minimal scrap
Updated VME! Vision ESI-650H card, EPC-16
42V and 24V feeder interface can accept latest and older UIC feeders
(4) interchangeable precision locking feeder banks
AMV Dispense Head - Rear Mount
A GSM1 that has been completely updated by Universal.  
Windows UPS+ with NPI software,  
Updated feeder interfaces and banks.  
Magellan cameras and rebuilt VME.   
PTF with PTF conveyor included.   
The perfect solution for high flexibility, low cost, and up to date technology!  
NPI Software
Scrap-free first article build  
Provides the ability to verify the complete production process: board, feeders, fiducials, components, pre-placement x, y and theta data, and post-placement data  
FlexJet Head - The all-around performer
The FlexJet Head quickly and accurately places components as small as 0201 up to 55mm square and 25mm tall with single field-of-view inspection. Gang pick up to seven components.  C4/High force head - Unmatched flexibility and odd-form capability To handle your extreme application requirements, programmable insertion forces from 150 to 5000 grams. Additional features include selectable placement delay and normal, medium and slow tact modes.  
Archimedes Metering Valve (GSM1 only)
The Archimedes Metering Valve (AMV) features direct drive technology, which effectively eliminates uneven clutch application times resulting in dot diameter variations. The AMV is based on rotary screw technology, offering precise control that enables multiple dot sizes with one spindle. It is the ideal choice for solder paste and silver filled epoxies and other particle suspensions. The AMV offers excellent flexibility in dot size and material range, and is the perfect choice for high mix, high changeover production lines where constant dot adjustments are occurring.
Spec Placement Rate
● Max: 10,000 cph / 0.36 sec per component   
● IC +/-50microns @ 1.33 Cpk / +/-38microns @ 1.00 Cpk  
PCB Dimensions  
● Maximum Size: (WxLxH) 508 x 635 x 5.08mm (20 x 25 x 0.2")
● Minimum Size: (WxLxH) 50.8 x 50.8 x 0.508mm (2 x 2 x 0.02")
● Maximum Weight: 2.72kg (6lbs)
● Topside Clearance: 26.5mm (1.04")  
Component Range  
● Maximum Size: (WxLxH) 55 x 55 x 25mm (2.17 x 2.17 x 0.98") (150mm MFoV)
● Minimum Size: (WxLxH) 0.25 x 0.5 x 0.15mm (0.01 x 0.02 x 0.006")
● Maximum Weight: 35g (up to 130g via RFQ)
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


Information is provided for your convenience as our good faith estimate for this equipment. CEE does not warrant the accuracy of this information due to the nature of used equipment. Used equipment can be customized, altered, or simply worn beyond the capability to perform to original specifications. If certain details are critical for your application, we highly recommend testing the machines performance on that criteria. Please notify your CEE sales representative prior to purchase and we will propose solutions for your concerns. CEE's goal is always to minimize your risk.




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