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Buy, Sell & Consign Used PCBA & SMT Equipment

Capital Equipment Exchange is a well regarded supplier of used PCB assembly and SMT equipment. We have served the electronic PCB assembly industry for more than 20 years. As an industry leader, we offer our clients a seamless transaction from start to finish.

Whether we are selling production-ready  SMT equipment or buying these assets, we are proud to be integral in reducing your cost to manufacture.

The Capital Equipment Exchange Difference

What sets us apart from our competitors? It's a little something we like to call the Capital Equipment Exchange Difference; it's more than just a guarantee.

SMT Equipment Brands You Know & Trust

We buy and sell a large inventory of pre-owned SMT equipment from brands that have earned respect in the PCBA industry. Each piece of equipment is fully restored and in production-ready status by our team of expert technicians. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us - we will do our best to source the equipment you need.

Featured Products

Sonitek S3 Spectrum Series Thermal Press

The Spectrum Basic Series thermal press is the current model compact bench top system w...

CEE ID :  7603
Status: Available
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Horiba XGT-7200V X-ray Analytical Microscope

The Horiba XGT-7200V X-ray Analytical Microscope simultaneously measures and analyzes the transmi...

CEE ID :  7642
Status: Available
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Mycronic (Mydata) SMD Tower System

A modern, near-production intelligent storage system.  3 towers with N2 generator and STSys ...

CEE ID :  7648
Status: Available
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Universal Genesis GI-14D SMT Pick & Place

Perfect high mix, high speed solution.

CEE ID :  7454
Status: Available
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MVP AutoInspector Supra E AOI

Flexible, Reliable and Robust AOI for Post Reflow, Post Paste and Post Wave

CEE ID :  7507
Status: Available
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DEK Horizon 02i Screen Printer

DEK Horizon with Hawkeye 1700

CEE ID :  6412
Status: Available
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Universal Genesis GI-14D SMT Placement

Low cycles!  FlexJet 3 heads with dual Magellan cameras.

CEE ID :  7561
Status: Available
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Universal AdVantis AC-30L SMT Placement

32kcph speed placing from sub-0201 components to CSP, WSP, BGA, and others up to 30mm square.


CEE ID :  7616
Status: Available
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Nordson YesTech M1 AOI

YESTECH’s advanced megapixel technology offers high-speed inspection with exceptional defec...

CEE ID :  7644
Status: Available
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Panasonic CM-602L SMT Placement (Type A-2)

Panasonic CM602L with 12+12 light weight heads

CEE ID :  7639
Status: Available
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Panasonic CM-602L SMT Placement (Type A-1)

Panasonic CM602L with 12+8 light weight heads

CEE ID :  7638
Status: Available
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Electrovert Omni Excel 10 Reflow Oven

Just a beautiful 10 zone oven with flux management to keep it beautiful!

CEE ID :  7619
Status: Available
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