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Handling Quality Used PCB Assembly Equipment & SMT Equipment

The Capital Equipment Exchange serves the electronic PCB assembly industry. Whether we are selling to our clients production-ready SMT equipment or buying these idle assets, CEE is proud to be integral in reducing your cost to manufacture.

Featured Products

Breuckmann Aicon Smartscan 3D-HE Blue 4Mpix

Ideal introduction system into 3D metrology

CEE ID :  6149
Status: Available
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Universal Genesis GC-60D SMT Pick & Place

57,000 cph!  Broad component handling range, 01005 to 1.18” square.

CEE ID :  6214
Status: Available
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PVA 2000 Selective Coating / Dispensing System

Loaded PVA Selective Coating System with 4 valves

CEE ID :  6228
Status: Available
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Electrovert Omni Excel 10 Reflow Oven

A beautiful 10 zone oven loaded with features.

CEE ID :  6310
Status: Available
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Mydata MY19 SMT Pick & Place

Highly capable and well maintained MY19 with lots of feeder capacity, electrical verification, Hy...

CEE ID :  6153
Status: Available
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DEK Horizon 02i Screen Printer

DEK Horizon "i" series with 2D inspection.

CEE ID :  6367
Status: Available
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Universal Genesis GX-11S SMT Pick & Place

15,300 cph!  Broad component handling range, 0201 to 2.165” square.

CEE ID :  6372
Status: Available
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Assembleon AX-501 SMT Placement

Over 80kcph in a compact footprint. Place 01005 and large components!!!

CEE ID :  6371
Status: Available
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DEK Horizon 01i Screen Printer

DEK Horizon with internal vacuum stencil clean

CEE ID :  6381
Status: Available
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Koh Young KY-3030 VAL 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine

Paste defects detection including insufficient / excessive / missing paste, shape deformity,...

CEE ID :  6210
Status: Available
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Electrovert Electra 500F Wave Solder

Ran leaded solder.  Can be 'cleaned' for lead free use.

CEE ID :  6384
Status: Available
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Panasonic CM402L 8+8 SMT Placement

One of the worlds most popular smt placement machines in loved condition!

CEE ID :  6387
Status: Available
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