MVP Supra E AOI Machines

Used MVP Supra E AOIEnsure that your SMT manufacturing line is producing quality PCB’s with MVP Supra E AOI machines from Capital Equipment Exchange. Automated optical inspections uncover possible defects in your product so that you can fix problem areas before they pile up and cost you time and money.

MPM Accela Screen Printers

Used MPM Accela Screen PrintersMaximize production uptime, improve final product yield, and generate more quality boards per hour with used MPM Accela screen printers from Capital Equipment Exchange. Screen or stencil printing is an essential part of PCB manufacturing.

5 Reasons To Love Used DEK Horizon Screen Printers

DEK Horizons Screen PrinterIf you are in the market for SMT equipment, don't miss out on the versatility and functionality of one of the most popular SMT screen printers ever made - the DEK Horizon - available from Capital Equipment Exchange. We've put together five great reasons to consider DEK Horizon screen printers to introduce you to their amazing capabilities and how they may benefit your PCB production line.

WLCSP Compatible Pick & Place Machines

WLCSP Pick & Place MachineAvoid costly downtime on your PCB production line with WLCSP compatible pick and place machines from Capital Equipment Exchange. As technology advances, it also becomes smaller and more detailed. Make sure your SMT assembly processes can handle WLCSP components quickly and efficiently. We'll show you how.

More Than A Guarantee - The CEE Difference

Before you purchase your next screen printer, pick and place machine, or flying probe tester, let Capital Equipment Exchange help you sort through all those used SMT equipment warranties and guarantees to decide on the real best deal for you. 30-day warranties, one-year warranties, parts-only warranties - what do they mean when it comes to reconditioned PCB manufacturing equipment, and is there a better alternative? We think so.

Why Our Lessors Love Us

Ensure you're getting the best insider information every time you lease SMT equipment with professional lessor services by Capital Equipment Exchange. We'll help you save time and money at the start and end of each equipment contract. Don't get stuck with a bunch of used machines you need to value and liquidate. We have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your PCB manufacturing assets from start to finish.

Improve SMT Line Productivity With Preventative Maintenance

No manufacturer wants to experience production line downtime, which is why it’s essential to improve your SMT line productivity with preventative maintenance strategies. Capital Equipment Exchange can not only help you understand the importance of SMT preventive maintenance, but we are also a source for replacement parts on used SMT equipment.

SMEMA Vs. Hermes Standards - What You Need To Know

SMEMA vs Hermes SMTCapital Equipment Exchange strives to stay on top of the latest developments in the used SMT equipment industry and pass that knowledge on to you, including standards protocols like SMEMA and HERMES. The world of surface mount technology and printed circuit board assembly hasn’t seen much innovation in its standards for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication until recently.

Quality Control Procedures For PCB Assembly

PCB Quality ControlPerforming quality control tests during the PCB assembly process is essential to streamlined production, which is why we offer a variety of used SMT test equipment and machinery at Capital Equipment Exchange. There are many stages where boards and their components may need to be checked for defects. Different machinery can help this process move faster and easier, decreasing production time.

SMT Electronics Shipping Logistics

SMT Shipping LogisticsCapital Equipment Exchange has been in the used PCB and SMT equipment business for so long that we have become experts in the shipping logistics and knowing the best options for our customers. Find out more about the process and which method may be right for you.