Pros & Cons of Benchtop Preheating Methods

Pros & Cons of Benchtop Preheating MethodsOutfitting your rework stations with preheating equipment helps you correct issues while keeping PCBs at safe, consistent temperatures. Of the four main benchtop preheating methods, what are the pros and cons? Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your rework tools and techniques can save you time and money during PCB assembly.  

5 Tips For Choosing The Right SMT Reflow Oven

Reflow OvenWhen selecting SMT equipment for PCB manufacturing, it's important to choose machines that work with the numbers and types of boards you are assembling. Knowing which specifications to pay attention to can make manufacturing equipment easier to shop for. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we put together 4 tips to help you choose the correct reflow oven.

5 Types Of SMT Machines To Optimize PCB Handling

5 Types Of SMT Machines To Optimize PCB HandlingShopping for new or used surface mount technology (SMT) equipment can get complicated quickly without the right information at your disposal. Once you've narrowed down the type of hardware you need to add or replace on your printed circuit board (PCB) assembly line, it's time to weigh the pros and cons and the features of each model.

Demystifying Pick & Place Machine Specs

Demystifying Pick & Place Machine SpecsMore efficient production lines mean time and cost savings. The quality and configuration of your reflow ovens, wave solder machines, All In One (AIO) machines, and flying probe testers can make a difference. Accurate solder dispensing and speedy component placement are both essential, but it's also important to consider how your boards are getting from machine to machine.

OEM Support & SMT Equipment Registration Fees

OEM Support & SMT Equipment Registration FeesAre high registration fees worth it to ensure support from your SMT equipment’s original equipment manufacturer? Odds are, whether you’re purchasing a brand-new Universal pick and place machine or a “new to you” DEK screen printer, you will eventually need parts and technical service for your PCB assembly machinery. Learn more about how OEM registration fees work, whether they are critical for ongoing machine operations, and what other options might be available to you.

6 Pick & Place Machine Features To Consider

6 Pick & Place Machine Features To ConsiderSMT pick and place machines are an essential part of everyday PCB manufacturing. They are customizable, versatile, and offer multiple ways to improve production line performance. Here are 6 features of PCB SMT equipment to consider when shopping for your next pick and place machine.

Manual Vs. Automatic Pick & Place Machines For PCB Assembly

Manual Vs. Automatic Pick & Place Machines For PCB AssemblyYou need to get delicate surface mount components onto your printed circuit boards (PCB) quickly and accurately. Is it better to rely on manual techniques, or is automatic pick and place the way to go? Learn more about the pros and cons of manual methods and automatic pick and place machines to find out which SMT (surface mount technology) solution will work best for your business.

Automatic Vs Semi-Automatic SMT Screen Printers

manual-vs-automatic-pick-placeWhen you start shopping for PCB solder paste dispensers, you’ll soon realize that there are two main types on the market, automatic and semi-automatic SMT screen printers. What’s the difference, and how can these machines benefit your PCB assembly line?

Universal GSM Pick & Place Machines

Universal GSM Pick & Place MachinesSince introducing general surface mount machines in the 1990s Universal Instruments has continued to innovate in order to produce equipment that helps “customers build better, build more, and spend less.” But what makes these pick and place machines a popular industry standard, and how can they benefit your PCB assembly lines?

SMT Equipment Brands That Held Their Value In 2020

Buying and keeping the right machines on your PCBA assembly lines keep you agile in our ever-changing and evolving industry. How can you tell where to invest when it’s time to purchase new equipment and replace old models? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we’ve put together a handy list of SMT equipment brands that have held their value in 2020.