Pick & Place Machine Features To Speed Up PCB Assembly

Pick & Place Machine Features To Speed Up PCB AssemblyCapital Equipment Exchange is based in McHenry, Illinois, and we provide fast pick and place machines from known manufacturers, such as Universal and My Data. We also carry quality used PCB equipment to help you save time and money.

6 PCB Conveyors To Improve Your Assembly Line

6 PCB Conveyors To Improve Your Assembly LineAre you looking for production-ready and fully functional PCB conveyors or other used SMT Equipment? If so, Capital Equipment Exchange can help. Check out these six units that can improve your assembly line. We carry top brands of new and used PCB equipment and ship nationwide to help you save money without sacrificing efficiency.

Solutions To Common PCB Manufacturing Problems

Solutions To Common PCB Manufacturing ProblemsSurface Mount equipment and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing are essential for creating everyday items that we depend on, and Capital Equipment Exchange can help provide you with the best PCB manufacturing equipment to prevent common manufacturing problems.

Preventing Solder Balls After Reflow

Preventing Solder Balls After ReflowTo prevent solder balls and product failure, rely on Capital Equipment Exchange to utilize dependable reflow soldering during printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. We offer services to ensure that your industry has reliable printed circuit boards for all your electric components.

3 Common Surface Mount Techniques

3 Common Surface Mount TechniquesCapital Equipment Exchange provides top-quality SMT Machines for many industries nationwide. SMT Is one of the most popular ways of attaching components to a printed circuit board (PCB) because SMT is more efficient than other common ways of attaching components.

5 Reasons To Buy Used SMT Equipment

5 Reasons To Buy Used SMT EquipmentSMT, also known as Surface-Mount Technology, has a wide range of uses in computer and engineering and is getting more advanced with time.

Maximizing PCBs For Better Wave Soldering

Maximizing PCBs For Better Wave SolderingRelying on wave solder machines during PCB assembly can save time, money, and produce more reliable printed circuit boards. In order to get the most out of this process, however, you might have to take a closer look at some of your manufacturing processes. Let’s take a closer look at 8 ways to maximize your PCBs for better wave soldering results.

How To Choose A Flying Probe Tester

How To Choose A Flying Probe TesterPCBs From screen printing to pick and place to wave solder, you want your printed circuit board assembly process to be as reliable and repeatable as possible. That’s why you invest in high-quality SMT testing equipment. Flying probe tests (FPT), or fixture-less in-circuit testing, make this process more affordable and versatile, but how do you choose FPT equipment that is right for you?


SMD VS SMT VS THTSMT, SMD, THT — The acronyms used in our industry can make PCB assembly sound a lot more complicated than it needs to be. However, knowing the difference between these common terms can help you decide on which SMT machines you need for a cost-effective, efficient assembly line.

Common PCB Soldering Problems to Avoid

Common PCB Soldering Problems to AvoidHow do you know if you have a problem with solder applications in SMT manufacturing? We've put together information on the most common PCB soldering problems to avoid, helping you troubleshoot your SMT equipment and your PCB assembly line overall.