When To Repair Vs. Replace SMT Equipment

Repair Vs Replace SMT EquipmentYour PCB assembly line has been working fine for a number of years, but suddenly you’re noticing a drop in quality or output. Maybe you walk in one day to find an essential unit completely dead. How do you know whether it’s time to repair or replace your SMT equipment? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we’ve put together some factors to help you decide.

Do I Need A PCB Conveyor?

Used PCB ConveryorsPick and place machines, screen printers, reflow ovens, PCB testing equipment - is there anything else you need for a streamlined production line? Loading, unloading, handling, and inspecting your boards between SMT machines is the job of a quality PCB conveyor.

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we want to help you understand the ins and outs of printed circuit board handlers. Find out more about how they can benefit your SMT manufacturing logistics.

    5 Benefits Of Flying Probe Testers For SMT Manufacturing

    Used Flying Probe TestersIf you're looking for a fast, affordable way to inspect your PCB assemblies, flying probe testers might be the answer. We've looked at how this fixtureless alternative compares to the "custom bed of nails" ICT method in the past. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we want to present the specific benefits of using flying probe tests for your SMT production line.

    Selective Vs. Wave Soldering Machines

    Selective Solder Vs Wave SolderIn PCB manufacturing, two main methods are used to attach electrical components to printed circuit boards - wave soldering and selective soldering. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we want to help you understand the different ways SMT machinery performs these processes to make the best decision when choosing equipment for your PCB assembly line.

    DEK Vs. Ekra Screen Printers

    DEK Ekra Screen PrintersPCB screen printers are invaluable for the speed, accuracy, and repeatability they contribute to the SMT process, but how do you choose between two industry leaders when purchasing equipment? Capital Equipment Exchange carries both DEK Horizon and EKRA screen printers.

    Finding Spare Parts For Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

    Investing in high-quality, used SMT equipment can save your PCB manufacturing line a lot of money upfront. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we help you stretch those savings even further through our expansive inventory of spare parts. From belts to boards to servos to motors, we have what you need to keep production running.

    How To Select The Best SMT Pick & Place Machine

    Used SMT Pick & Place Machines

    Pick and Place machines are arguably one of the most essential machinery pieces in your PCBA production line. You want to make sure you've considered all of the options and compared them to your current (and future) manufacturing needs.

    Sound complicated? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we've put together some tips to help you get a great start on your next P&P machine purchase.

    5 Benefits Of PCB Preheaters For Rework Applications

    Used PCB Rework PreheatersEnsure high-quality PCB rework applications with stand-alone, benchtop preheaters from Capital Equipment Exchange. Our used circuit board preheaters are compact enough to fit right into most BGA rework stations while offering you all the capabilities you need to safely control the temperature as you work on today's delicate PCBs.

    MVP Supra E AOI Machines

    Used MVP Supra E AOIEnsure that your SMT manufacturing line is producing quality PCB’s with MVP Supra E AOI machines from Capital Equipment Exchange. Automated optical inspections uncover possible defects in your product so that you can fix problem areas before they pile up and cost you time and money.

    MPM Accela Screen Printers

    Used MPM Accela Screen PrintersMaximize production uptime, improve final product yield, and generate more quality boards per hour with used MPM Accela screen printers from Capital Equipment Exchange. Screen or stencil printing is an essential part of PCB manufacturing.