3 Tips For Shipping Your Used SMT EquipmentNow that you’ve found the right SMT equipment for your production line, how will you get it packaged, moved, and delivered? Shipping logistics planning should start as early as possible. You’ve purchased a valuable asset to your business, so it’s important to choose a shipping company that understands the importance of your equipment and the proper way to handle it.

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we’ve helped customers ship used PCB and SMT equipment worldwide for decades. We’ve put together three useful tips to help you choose your next shipping logistics and carrier.

  1. Choose a company experienced with moving sensitive electronics and manufacturing equipment.
  2. Your shipping company should include adequate crating and rigging solutions.
  3. Consider how fast you need your machines when choosing a shipping method.

Do Your Research - Experience Matters

We all want a good deal. When deciding between shipping and logistics companies, their experience should factor in as much as price. Just because a company says they can get there, doesn’t mean they can get your machine to you on time or in one piece. Look for transportation specialists that are experienced in large manufacturing equipment.

Ask them who they’ve worked with before, what types of equipment have they shipped? Can they handle both domestic and international shipments? Experienced logistics and shipping companies understand that you’re entrusting them with assets, not just machines and will do their best to help you feel secure and informed every step of the way.

Prioritize Crating & Rigging

The crating and rigging for your used PCB equipment should be designed to maximize protection at every step from point A to point B. Moving highly sensitive computer-controlled equipment means protecting it from shocks, static, moisture, dust, and many other hazards.

Your shipping company should be aware of possible risks and have all the equipment necessary to package, crate, move, and lift your SMT machines.

  • Anti-Static Wrap
  • Floating Decks
  • Shock & Tip Sensors
  • Moisture Protection Barriers
  • Padding To Minimize Vibration
  • Industrial Grade Rigging Kits

What’s Your Timeline Like?

For non-urgent deliveries in the United States, LTL ground could be your best option. Ocean freight is economical and reliable for overseas deliveries. Airfreight will get your equipment to you in a hurry but costs more.

Your shipping logistics coordinator should know how fast you need your PCB machines and which methods are likely to get your shipment to you in a timely manner.

Get Help Shipping Used SMT Equipment

Still have questions about shipping your Capital Equipment Exchange purchase? We are happy to help. We want to make sure your used pick and place machines, screen printers, and reflow ovens get to you safely and ready to perform. Contact us for advice today.