Flying Probe Testing For PCBIf you're looking for a fast, affordable way to inspect your PCB assemblies, flying probe testers might be the answer. We've looked at how this fixtureless alternative compares to the "custom bed of nails" ICT method in the past. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we want to present the specific benefits of using flying probe tests for your SMT production line.

  • No Costly Custom Fixtures Required
  • Easy To Set Up & Adjust
  • Can Access Much Smaller Test Point Pads
  • You Can Analyze Points On The Top & Bottom Of The Board
  • Accurate, Comprehensive Fault Checking Capabilities

No Costly Custom Fixtures Required

With traditional in-circuit testing, you need to have specialized fixtures designed for each iteration of your printed circuit board. Flying probe test equipment requires no custom fixtures. Instead, each probe moves from test point to test point based on programming, which cuts down the upfront cost of developing new board layouts.

The User-Friendly PCB Testing Solution

You may have heard that ICT testing is faster, but this doesn't take into account the time needed to create and re-create fixture configuration. With flying prove, once you have the initial program done, you're ready to test. If your board design changes, a few programming tweaks are all it takes to be production-ready.

This ultimately means faster, less-costly adjustments, and quicker turn-around times during prototyping and development.

Compatible With Today's Tiny Tech

As electronic devices become smaller and more complex, PCB real estate becomes increasingly more valuable. When you rely on flying probe tests, you eliminate the need for dedicated testing points on each board. You also have the freedom to use double-sided boards to make the most of the room you have available.

These testers can reach all areas of smaller printed circuit boards and larger, densely-packed boards.

Accurate, Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Flying probe equipment often includes a camera to make visual inspections of component placement and polarity a snap. Believe it or not, losing the ICT custom fixtures doesn't mean you get less reliable fault checks. You can avoid and reduce end-product issues because flying probe testers have close to 99% accuracy. As a bonus, they only take a matter of minutes (or sometimes seconds) to test function and find faults.

  • Resistance
  • Open & Short Circuits
  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Diode Checks

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