Used SMT Rework PreheatersEnsure high-quality PCB rework applications with stand-alone, benchtop preheaters from Capital Equipment Exchange. Our used circuit board preheaters are compact enough to fit right into most BGA rework stations while offering you all the capabilities you need to safely control the temperature as you work on today's delicate PCBs.

Meeting The Needs Of Today's Advanced Tech

It probably comes as no surprise that our treatment of SMT components continues to change as technology advances. The small circuit boards in demand right now pack a lot of components into a tiny footprint. Throwing away every PCB that comes through your production line with problems is not only wasteful but also a big draw on your overhead and end supply capabilities.

"Solutions" That Can Cause Costly Problems

Increasing the reflow temperature to make some components easier to remove can end up damaging other components. Applying high temperatures to your boards' topsides can damage connections and cause delamination and package warping.

Waiting for the component to cool isn't the answer, either. Taking a room temperature PCB and setting to work on it with an exponentially warmer soldering device is likely to add even more problems.

  • Internal Substrate Fractures & Ruptures
  • Lifted Pads & Traces
  • Substrate Delamination
  • Measling Or Bubbling
  • Discoloration
  • Board Warping & Burning
  • Circuit Degradation
  • Pop-Corning

Preserve The Quality Of Costly Components

How do you approach rework on boards meant for modern smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches safely and effectively? Believe it or not, a simple machine that has been relied upon almost since the first PC's became consumer-friendly might be your answer.
PCB preheaters play an essential role in today's electronics manufacturing production lines.

They allow your technicians to manually heat circuit boards at a controlled rate, bridging the temperature gap between room temperature and the working temperatures needed.

  • Decrease Or Eliminate Quality Issues
  • Activate Your Flux - Removing Contaminating Oxides & Films
  • Enhance The Wetting Process For More Stable Joints
  • Use Lower Soldering Temperatures During Rework
  • Increase Component Temperature In A Stable Way
  • Minimize Thermal Shock
  • Reduce Rework Times
  • Enable Precise Solder Placement

SMT Rework Preheaters Available Nationwide

Ramp up to reflow temperature and avoid thermal stress with IR PCB preheaters. We carry IR models from manufacturers like Hakko and VJ Electronix. If you are looking for a specific model or brand, we encourage you to give us a call for our latest inventory.

Outfit Your Preheating Stations Today

If you're interested in outfitting your rework stations with stand-alone benchtop heaters or need to replace an existing device, why not do it affordably? Save money on PCB preheaters with used SMT equipment from Capital Equipment Exchange.

Contact us today to place your order or find out more about how our inventory and services can be put to work for you.