6 PCB Conveyors To Improve Your Assembly Line

Are you looking for production-ready and fully functional PCB conveyors or other used SMT Equipment? If so, Capital Equipment Exchange can help. Check out these six units that can improve your assembly line. We carry top brands of new and used PCB equipment and ship nationwide to help you save money without sacrificing efficiency.

Universal PTF Transfer Conveyor

Like all our used PCB equipment, this unit is restored and production-ready. Manufactured in 2010, it has one belt section and transfers from left to right. It has a length of 36 inches and a max PCB width of 18 inches. The facility requirement is 110V 1ph 5A. This model resides in our Chicago facility, and you can request a CEE tech to demonstrate it live or via video. Note that this PTF conveyor is designed to be used with a GSM PTF and fits a Universal PTF.  

Universal SMT Transfer Conveyor

This 48-inch long model has a max PCB width of 18 inches and a left-to-right transfer direction. There is a single belt section. The total dimensions are 48" x 30" x 38". It requires 110V 1ph 5A to operate. 

Fuji 1 Meter Conveyor

Manufactured in the UK in 2002, this unit has crank width adjust and an inspection function. It transfers from left to right and has one belt section. Measuring 39 inches, it has a max PCB width of 14 inches. It weighs 200 lbs and has dimensions of 39" x 30" x 38". It requires 110V to operate.

JOT 1m SMT Transfer Conveyor

This is a 110V unit with one belt section and left-to-right transfer direction. It has a maximum PCB width of 18 inches and is 39 inches long. Like most of our units, it is located at our Chicago facility and can be demoed live or via video so that you can be assured that it is fully operational before buying it.

Vanstron PTB-460SE 1M Transfer Conveyor

This is a brand new unit that can transfer in both directions. It is manufactured to USA specs. It requires 110-120V, 50/60 Hz, and one phase. There is a max PCB width of 18 inches for this 39-inch long unit. Total dimensions are 39" x 32" x 36" and 150 lbs. It's configured with a 2-belt section, a conveyor length of 1000 mm, and a Mitsubishi PLC control + Omron Sensor control system. 

Vanstron PTB-460SE 500mm Transfer Conveyor

Here is another new unit manufactured to USA specifications. Smaller than the Vanstron 1M conveyors, it weighs 110 pounds with dimensions measuring 19" x 32" x 36". It can transfer in both directions and has a maximum PCB width of 18 inches. It requires 110-120V, 50/60 Hz, and one phase. The conveyor length is 500mm and boasts a switchable PCB convey direction and a selectable inspection and bypass function. 

The Pros & Cons Of Used PCB Conveyors

Used PCB equipment can be an excellent option for businesses looking to save money while improving their assembly line. However, used equipment may not be as reliable as new equipment, so it's imperative to research and make sure you're buying from a reputable source. Another potential issue is that used equipment may not be compatible with your existing machinery. Don't forget to check compatibility before making a purchase and ask about warranty coverage to protect you post-purchase.

Used & New PCB Conveyors For Sale

Capital Equipment Exchange offers a variety of used and new PCB and SMT equipment. We ship nationwide but offer live and video demonstrations of the units we sell at our Chicago area warehouse so that you can be assured that you are buying a working product. Contact us today if you wish to purchase any of the six units featured in this article or to explore our other offerings.