6 Pick & Place Machine Features To ConsiderSMT pick and place machines are an essential part of everyday PCB manufacturing. They are customizable, versatile, and offer multiple ways to improve production line performance. Here are 6 features of PCB SMT equipment to consider when shopping for your next pick and place machine.

  1. Speed
  2. Precision
  3. Flexibility & Versatility
  4. Consistent Results
  5. Ease-Of-Use
  6. Ongoing Maintenance

1. Production Speed

If you want to get things done fast, you need to work fast. That’s exactly what pick and place machines do. From component placement speed to throughput rate to changeover time - it all adds up. How many components per hour (cph) can your unit place? Does changeover involve messing with the line or heads, or can you do it all through programming?

2. Components Placement Precision

Speed means little without precision. To get the most value out of your PCB assembly line, you want a good mix of both. Cameras, sensors, and specialized heads can all improve your placement precision, especially when you're dealing with smaller parts.

3. Flexibility & Versatility

Pick and place machines are nothing if not flexible and versatile. They can be programmed to handle a wide range of component dimensions, placement specifications, and movement speeds. Just one device can be used for multiple tasks.

Alternatively, you can invest in multiple machines and put your production line on overdrive. It's important to choose SMT equipment that can handle the types of components you plan to make today and into the future.

  • BGA & Micro BGS
  • CSP & WSP
  • MELF
  • QFP

4. Consistency

How often can your pick and place machine place components both quickly and accurately? In other words, how accurate is it? Making sure your equipment has the right types of heads for the types of components you are placing and that these heads are easy to maintain will help keep production consistent.

5. Ease Of Use

Since p&p machines are basically highly efficient, specialized robots, much of your hands-on time will be with the programming and user interface. So, finding out what you can do with the programs that come with your equipment - design data imports, line balancing, production optimization, debugging - will tell you more about how easy your pick and place will be to operate.

6. Ongoing Maintenance

Investing in SMT equipment should be a long-term investment. You want your pick and place to last so you can get the most for your money. Choosing known name brands, like Universal, Assembleon, Panasonic, Universal Instruments, Fuji, Yamaha, ASM (Siplace Siemens), Mydata, Juki, and Samsung will more often than not mean choosing solid workmanship.

It also means you can find high-quality options on the used-SMT equipment market, replacement parts, and knowledgeable techs to help you troubleshoot any problems that come up.

Used Pick & Place Machines For Sale

Get in touch with us at Capital Equipment Exchange today to learn more about our used SMT equipment. We can help you narrow down and choose a pick and place machine with the features you need the most. We look forward to helping you find and maintain PCB equipment that works for you.