Quality Control Procedures For PCB Assembly

PCB Quality ControlPerforming quality control tests during the PCB assembly process is essential to streamlined production, which is why we offer a variety of used SMT test equipment and machinery at Capital Equipment Exchange. There are many stages where boards and their components may need to be checked for defects. Different machinery can help this process move faster and easier, decreasing production time.

SMT Electronics Shipping Logistics

SMT Shipping LogisticsCapital Equipment Exchange has been in the used PCB and SMT equipment business for so long that we have become experts in the shipping logistics and knowing the best options for our customers. Find out more about the process and which method may be right for you.

The Importance Of 3D Solder Paste Inspection

Solder paste inspection is one of the most critical processes in the assembly of printed circuit boards, which is why Capital Equipment Exchange offers used automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment to help you find paste defects quickly. It is estimated that up to 50% of errors are found in the solder paste printing process or defective solder joints.

Benefits Of Used Screen Printers In PCB Manufacturing

Used Screen PrintersAt Capital Equipment Exchange, we restore and offer high-quality used PCB screen printers to improve your manufacturing overhead and workflows. One might argue that the PCB screen printing process is one of the most crucial procedures in assembling quality circuit boards.

The Role Of Automated Optical Inspection Systems In PCBA

Used AOI EquipmentLearn more about how AOI equipment from Capital Equipment Exchange may benefit you. The role of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems is crucial for printed circuit board assembly. It’s one of several types of tests that are used in the manufacturing of PCBs, along with in-circuit and flying probe tests. Together they ensure the process is free of defaults and production can run efficiently, keeping costs down and revenues up.

Leave It On: How To Avoid SMT Equipment Downtime

SMT Power Supply FailureWith over 20 years of experience in buying, restoring, and selling used SMT equipment, Capital Equipment Exchange technicians have seen several common issues that cause unexpected downtime in SMT equipment. While we can't promise your machines will never go down, we do hope we can help you keep production lines running at capacity as much as possible.

How Capital Equipment Exchange Helps Manufacturers

Used SMT MachineryAs an industry leader in the sale of used SMT equipment, Capital Equipment Exchange is committed to offering many benefits to PCB manufacturers. We believe that when we invest in our client relationships and build a name that is synonymous with integrity, everybody wins.

Wave Solder Or Reflow Solder: Which Is Better?

Used Wave Solder MachineCapital Equipment Exchange has a range of used wave solder machines and used reflow ovens to help you increase production and solder components to your printed circuit boards (PCB). But which process is better? It depends on the type of PCB assembly and production process you are using. Regardless of the process, precision soldering is necessary for the function of any printed circuit board.

How Pick & Place Machines Work In PCB Assembly

Pick & Place MachineCapital Equipment Exchange reconditions and sells pick and place machines for PCB assembly. These machines are an essential component of surface-mount technology solutions. See how these devices can save both time and money for businesses in the electronics industry.

Flying Probe vs. In-Circuit Testing

Flying Probe MachineCapital Equipment Exchange provides used equipment for testing printed circuit boards (PCBs), including in-circuit and flying probe testers. Both types of automated test equipment are widely used to evaluate the assembly of the printed circuit board and find potential defects. There are definite pros and cons for each type of test. Learn more about which one might be right for your business.