manual-vs-automatic-pick-placeWhen you start shopping for PCB solder paste dispensers, you’ll soon realize that there are two main types on the market, automatic and semi-automatic SMT screen printers. What’s the difference, and how can these machines benefit your PCB assembly line?

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we want to help you make informed decisions that will save you money both upfront and over time when investing in SMT machines for your business.

How Do Semi-Automatic Screen Printers Work?

Today’s semi-automatic SMT stencil printers control the speed, pressure, and angle of the scraper better than manual benchtop units. Automating the actual pass of the squeegee means you can get a more repeatable, accurate solder replacement.

Placing each board and controlling each pass of solder is still manual and dependent on your operator for speed and accuracy.

  • High Precision & Repeatable Accuracy
  • Large Print Area Capabilities
  • Programmable Speed & Pressure Controls
  • Fine Adjustments For Accurate PCB Alignment
  • Not Suitable For Higher Productivity Volumes

Features Of Fully Automatic Screen Printers

An automatic SMT stencil printer increases your ease of use even more by automating everything from conveyor width during board loading to keeping the board still to separating stencils. The entire process is programmed ahead of time, eliminating the chances of human error and speeding up production without losing precision.

Depending on the model you purchase, automatic PCB screen printers can also handle many different types of printed circuit boards.

  • High Precision & Print Repeatability
  • High-Speed & High Volume Capabilities
  • Automatic PCB Adjustments
  • Automatic Stencil Cleaning Between Prints
  • Dual Squeegees For Efficient Solder Paste Use
  • Can Handle Single Or Double-Sided Boards
  • Large Print Area Capabilities
  • Programmable Speed, Pressure & Angle Controls
  • Camera Systems For Accurate PCB Alignment

Saving On DEK, Ekra & MPM PCB Equipment

If upfront costs have you leaning towards a semi-automatic solder paste dispenser, we encourage you to consider used SMT equipment instead. The costs of automatic PCB screen printers by some of the most trusted brands in the industry may be within your reach.

Why pass on easy-to-use touch screen controls, fast print speeds, and unbelievable accuracy?

Order Used Screen Printers For SMT

You don’t have to settle for semi-automatic PCB assembly equipment when used automatic SMT screen printers are just a few clicks away. Contact us at Capital Equipment Exchange today. We look forward to helping you place your order or getting you more information on our latest arrivals.