At Capital Equipment Exchange, we restore and offer high-quality used PCB screen printers to improve your manufacturing overhead and workflows. One might argue that the PCB screen printing process is one of the most crucial procedures in assembling quality circuit boards.

Getting the placement of your solder down to a science is critical for any PCB to work, and buying money-saving used equipment just makes sense.

Screen Printing PCBs

Screen printers are programmed to use a stencil of the finished circuit board for precise solder paste placement. These printers deposit a mix of flux and solder powder before the board goes through the reflow process. The most common method of application is with a squeegee.

Screen printers also clean the stencil for optimal use and store the solder paste to keep it free from impurities between each application. If you think this sounds similar to screen printing in textiles, you would be correct. The process is very similar, though for very different applications.

A Fully Automated Process

PCB screen printers are an automated process. These machines are designed to handle loading and unloading then PCBs, creating the stencil, and performing a 2D inspection. To work at optimal levels, the printers must be calibrated with exact measurements and specifications.

We carry some of the top brands and models, including:

  • EKRA XACT4 Screen Printer
  • EKRA E5 Screen Printer
  • DEK Horizon 02i Screen Printer
  • DEK Horizon 03i Screen Printer
  • Speedline MPM Accela Screen Printer
  • Speedline MPM Momentum Elite Screen Printer

Screen Printer Benefits

PCB screen printing is the industry standard for solder placement in the surface mount process. The benefits are many, and they increase when you opt for used equipment. Our expert technicians fully restore every machine to production-ready standards.

  • Precision Solder Paste Deposits
  • Fully Automated Process
  • Stencil Cleaning Between Prints
  • 2D Visual Inspection
  • Lower Investment Cost With Used Equipment
  • Support From Our Team

Find A Used PCB Screen Printer

Shop our inventory of used PCB screen printers or browse other used SMT equipment at Capital Equipment Exchange. If you don’t see the specific machine you are looking for, please contact us. We might be able to help you find something that matches your production needs.