Used PCB ConveyorPick and place machines, screen printers, reflow ovens, PCB testing equipment - is there anything else you need for a streamlined production line? Loading, unloading, handling, and inspecting your boards between SMT machines is the job of a quality PCB conveyor.

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we want to help you understand the ins and outs of printed circuit board handlers. Find out more about how they can benefit your SMT manufacturing logistics.

  • Destackers & Magazine Handlers Smoothly Load Your Line
  • Transfer Conveyors Carefully Move PCBs From One Machine To Another
  • FIFO Buffers Keep Boards From Piling Up & Causing Bottlenecks
  • Diverters & Flippers Rotate Or Invert Boards For Transfer Or Access
  • Workstation Conveyors Allow For Manual Inspections & Hand Assembly

Support Your Other SMT Machines

Loading and unloading boards from pick and place. Positioning PCBs for the reflow oven or flipping and positioning them for proper inspection. PCB conveyors make maneuvering your circuit boards a smooth, time-saving process. They do all the little things so that your production equipment and personnel can handle the big things.

Get Careful, Efficient PCB Handling

PCB conveyors are a key player in the overall safe handling of your boards. They can seamlessly integrate with the lineup you have. These machines precisely handle load speeds, positioning, and transportation of circuit boards. They also prevent damage along the line by automating these processes.

You Can Afford The Best Brands For Your Boards

With a number of models to choose from and industry supporting functionalities, there is sure to be a PCB conveyor or set of board handlers to improve your SMT production capabilities. Better yet, when you choose used SMT equipment to upgrade, supplement, or replace machines, you can afford the very best, reliable brands in the business.

  • JOT Transfer Conveyors & Shuttle Gates
  • JOT Destackers & Buffers
  • Conveyor Tech Inverters
  • Simplimatic Shuttle Gates & Workstations
  • Nutek Transfers & Inverters
  • FlexLink Magazine Handlers
  • Mancorp Exit Conveyors
  • Promation Flip Stations & Board Loaders
  • Universal Destackers & Workstations
  • Vanstron Destackers & Transfer Conveyors

Save Money. Order Used PCB Handlers.

Contact us at Capital Equipment Exchange today to place an order for used PCB conveyors or get the latest information on our SMT equipment inventory. Don’t see the machine you are looking for? We may have it on the way, just ask one of our consultants. We can also help you find replacement parts to keep your line going. Check out our used parts listings for more information.