Pick & Place MachineCapital Equipment Exchange reconditions and sells pick and place machines for PCB assembly. These machines are an essential component of surface-mount technology solutions. See how these devices can save both time and money for businesses in the electronics industry.

How P&P Machines Work

There is some variation in how pick and place machines work in the PCB assembly process. These differences are based on specific production needs and the components themselves. Essentially, a printed circuit board is fed from a screen printer into the P&P machine. The PCB is then clamped down, and a camera ensures correct positioning. Parts are delivered to the P&P machine via tape or in tubes. A pneumatic vacuum system grabs the parts to add, inspects them, makes adjustments, or rotates them correctly. They are then placed precisely on the solder paste of a circuit board. From there, boards move on to the reflow solder oven.

Benefits Of Pick & Place Equipment

PCBs are part of every electronic device used in our modern age. The accuracy of how they are assembled matters. Are machines required to add elements to a printed circuit board? Absolutely not. For years, components were added by hand, and in some cases, PCBs are still hand-assembled, However, hand assembly does not work for high-volume needs, and there is a higher factor for error when a human worker is involved. P&P machines offer companies many benefits.

  • High Speed For Maximum Volume
  • Placement Accuracy & Precision
  • Minimal Setup Time
  • Space Saving
  • Cost-Effective

Fast & Accurate Production

It takes only a few hours to program this equipment for a specific job. Once set up, they move with incredible speed, placing components exactly where they need to be. The minimal setup time and easy reprogramming capabilities are both huge benefits. No human could replicate either the efficiency or the accuracy of pick and place machines — time matters in production to keep costs down and revenue up.

Budget-Friendly Options

While any P&P will save you money and stretch your budget by virtue of their speed, used equipment can help you maximize your efforts for the least initial investment. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we purchase, recondition, and sell SMT pick and place machines from many of the top manufacturers.

Shop Used SMT Equipment

Check out our inventory of used and reconditioned pick and place machines, as well as our other SMT equipment for sale. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we offer machines that are guaranteed to be fully functional, as well as spare parts for your repair and upkeep needs. Contact us today and inquire about what is available, or to let us know what you're looking for. Want to sell us your equipment or find out more about our consignment process? We are happy to answer all of your questions.