Used Pick & Place MachinesPick and Place machines are arguably one of the most essential machinery pieces in your PCBA production line. You want to make sure you've considered all of the options and compared them to your current (and future) manufacturing needs.

Sound complicated? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we've put together some tips to help you get a great start on your next P&P machine purchase.

The Right Machine Works For The Parts YOU Make

Investing in the newest or most expensive machine might seem like a safe bet, but once you've cut through all the sales pitches and "exclusive" technologies, what is this device doing? Will it do what you need with precision? Your SMT placement equipment needs to meet your expectations and handle the types of technology you produce.

Tips To Choose A Pick & Place Machine

Most PCB manufacturers want a balanced combination of speed, accuracy, reliable repetition, and accuracy. Additionally, you'll want to ask yourself how each specification of the pick and place machine matches up to your line of PCBs in production. After all, why pay for features you will never use or tech that's not an excellent fit for the printed circuit boards you create?

  • Placement Speed - Measured in components per hour (CPH) or parts per hour (PPH). This is the rate at which your P&P will pick up and inspect components before placing them on the circuit board.
  • Placement & Centering Technology: Is there a centering mechanism? Does the machine use laser, mechanical, or vision-based centering? This will influence the quality, reliability, and speed of your production line.
  • Component Compatibility Type & Size - Determines the smallest and largest components the machine can pick up and place. It should be able to handle components for the parts you make or plan to make.
  • Feeder Slot Size & Capacity - A variable selection is vital if you need the flexibility to handle a wide range of board configurations.
  • Accuracy & Repeatability - A fast machine will end up costing you money if it can't place your components accurately at a reliable rate.
  • Fluid Dispensing Capabilities - Can your machine dispense solder paste, adhesives, lubricants, epoxies, fluxes, glue, or sealants? This option is better for lower volumes of production. For higher volumes, most manufacturers rely on a separate screen printing or stencil printing machine.
  • Software Interface - This is how you will program your specifications and optimizations. Is it user friendly or customizable to meet your needs?

Our SMT Equipment Inventory

We stock many of the most reliable names in PCB pick and place machinery. You'll find brands like MyData and Universal in our inventory. Our Universal Genesis GC-30S SMT pick and place machines are a great example of WLCSP compatibility. If you don't find the model you're looking for online, give us a call for the most up to date listings.

  • Assembleon
  • Panasonic
  • Universal Instruments
  • Fuji
  • Yamaha
  • ASM (Siplace Siemens)
  • Mydata
  • Juki
  • Samsung

Affordable Pick & Place Machines

Now that you know what to look for, we want to help you find it. Choosing the best pick and place machine for your production line can be affordable when you choose used SMT equipment from Capital Equipment Exchange. Contact us today to place your order.