LTL Vs. Partial Load Shipping For Used SMT EquipmentNow that you’ve decided on your used PCB equipment, how will you get it to you? While searching through electronics delivery options you may come across terms like less-than-load (LTL) or partial load shipments.

We’ll help you distinguish between these two popular methods so you can make the best decision for your business. After all, there are many important factors to consider when moving valuable SMT machinery.

  • How often will your equipment be handled?
  • What types of packaging or crating will you need?
  • How many machines are you shipping?

How Partial Load Shipping Works

With partial truckload shipping, you purchase a set amount of room on the truck for your equipment. Once your goods are on the truck, they stay there until delivery.

Securing Your SMT Goods

You will want to choose a trucking company that offers logistics e-track in conjunction with pads and load bars for partial loads. These extra measures will keep your SMT equipment from shifting around.

Partial Load Shipments Vs. LTL For Large Electronics

This option may seem more costly upfront, but since your delivery isn’t being continually taken off and then loaded back onto the truck, you can save money on crating. There are fewer chances of accidental damages occurring.

  • No Need For Costly Crating Or Skids
  • You Can Specify First Load & Last Unload
  • Can Seem More Expensive Than LTL
  • Less Equipment Handling

How Less Than Truckload Works

If you choose LTL shipping, your equipment purchases go first to a central hub where they are unloaded. Then, they are reloaded with other goods that have the same destination or delivery area.

Securing Your Machines During LTL

LTL means your SMT equipment is going to be unloaded and reloaded, probably multiple times. You will want to invest in crating or at the very least skidding.

LTL — Economical, But Is It?

Multiple deliveries mean your freight company may have a lot of stops on their way to you, increasing your delivery time. With all the handling and moving, you also increase the chance of equipment damage along the way.

Lost time and damage risks may seem to save you upfront, but cost you in the long run.

Protecting Your New Investment

Used SMT equipment is an investment in your business. Pick and place machines, screen printers, and wave solder machines are valuable and sensitive electronics. SO, you’ll want to choose a shipping option that helps you protect your new asset as much as possible.

Our Recommendations For SMT

We take the time not only to make sure your machines work when they leave us but offer to show you. That’s because we know you want not just affordable, but reliable, working SMT equipment.

Why invest time in shopping for the perfect PCB manufacturing solution only to gamble when it comes to shipping and handling?

We recommend partial load shipping whenever feasible.

Your Used SMT Equipment Professionals

Find out if partial load shipping is the right solution for your used SMT equipment. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of PL, LTL, air, and sea freight for your specific machines and destination. We can also advise you on the packaging and crating.

From machine selection to delivery options, we look forward to making your purchase experience with us as streamlined and convenient as possible.