Used SMT Equipment GuaranteesBefore you purchase your next screen printer, pick and place machine, or flying probe tester, let Capital Equipment Exchange help you sort through all those used SMT equipment warranties and guarantees to decide on the real best deal for you. 30-day warranties, one-year warranties, parts-only warranties - what do they mean when it comes to reconditioned PCB manufacturing equipment, and is there a better alternative? We think so.

Don't Settle For False Security

Some used SMT brokers and auctioneers know that guarantees can allow you to let your guard down and keep your hard-earned funds flowing their way. When we hear the word "guarantee" or "warranty," we can feel more secure about our purchases and stop asking questions.

Here's what your used SMT warranty can mean in the long run:

  • It's cheaper to have you troubleshoot problem equipment or eventually refund your money than to pay a professional to repair it.
  • It's cheaper to send some used parts your way than to take the time to make sure your machine works in the first place.
  • Quick fixes have been put in place that will only hold up for only 30 days to a year.

That false security can turn into a costly issue on the production line if a machine you're counting on breaks down right away or never starts up in the first place. Downtime means lost revenue; equipment that doesn't last quickly goes from a "great deal" to something time-consuming to return, impossible to get a refund for, and a headache for everyone.

A Long-term Relationship Over Short-term Guarantees

We are in the business of building long-term relationships, not just making a quick sale. Our reputation is built on happy customer reviews and positive experiences with great used SMT equipment. Need a little more peace of mind? Feel free to ask your sales consultant about our references.

A Guarantee You Can Trust

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we always put in the effort to verify that your machines work and are production-ready before sending any of our SMT equipment to you. You don't have to take our word for it. We demonstrate each piece of machinery live (in-person or online) before we accept payment. We can guarantee your machines will work upon delivery.

Dependable, Cost-Effective Purchasing

Our staff knows what it takes to run an efficient production line. We understand how you need each machine to perform, and we make sure it's ready to do just that as soon as you get it. If a problem or question comes up after your equipment has been delivered, you can work with the actual technician who verified your machine to troubleshoot.

  • Personal Experience With The Needs Of Production Lines
  • Our Team Has Worked Hands-On With Your Equipment
  • Fully Functional & Production Ready Upon Delivery
  • Live Demonstrations Of Your Specific Machine
  • Application Support Available
  • References Available
  • No Surprises

Order Production Ready SMT Equipment Today

If you need reliable used SMT equipment that's guaranteed to work upon delivery (and keep working), you can count on Capital Equipment Exchange. We invite you to browse through our current selection and contact us to place your order today. Feel free to get in touch if you don't see what you're looking for in our inventory. We may have the machines you need available shortly.

We look forward to becoming your new reliable source for affordable PCB production line equipment and working with you for years to come.