Used MPM Accela Screen PrintersMaximize production uptime, improve final product yield, and generate more quality boards per hour with used MPM Accela screen printers from Capital Equipment Exchange. Screen or stencil printing is an essential part of PCB manufacturing.

Ensure you are getting accuracy and reliability at this stage of your production line with high-quality MPM screen printers.

Screen Printing For SMT Manufacturing

PCB screen printers transfer adhesive/solder of the required height and thickness onto your PCBs solder mask, holding the components until they are finally soldered. By automating this process, you increase your specified print's exact repeatability and improve the speediness of your production line exponentially.

Consumer electronics, the automotive industry, telecommunications, and more rely on working PCBs, which start with properly placed and soldered components. When it comes to screen printing, you don't want to settle - choose brand names like Speedline, Ekra, and DEK for results you can count on every time.

Speedline's MPM Accela

Speedline's MPM Accela was touted as "the World's Most Advanced Stencil Printer" when it was first introduced. The Accela was designed to handle the largest, thinnest, and most complex boards without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or ease-of-use. MPM Accela screen printers also make use of advanced post-print inspection technologies to save you time and money.

  • High Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Proven Reliability
  • Outstanding Flexibility
  • Easy To Use
  • Reduces Errors & Bad Boards
  • 12.5 Micron Accuracy At 6 Sigma For Alignment
  • 25 Microns At 6 Sigma For Printing Performance

In addition to the paste dispenser, stencil cleaner, and stencil shuttle you might expect, the MPM Accela includes comprehensive inspection capabilities and icon-based software for easy programming. The MPM screen printer is ideal when you need a machine that gives you versatility and reliability.

Your Source For Reliable Used SMT Equipment

Find used SMT equipment, like Speedline's MPM Accela screen printers, from Capital Equipment Exchange. Our used PCB screen printing inventory includes the brand names you want, like DEK, EKRA, and Speedline MPM.

We also stock used pick and place machines, AOI machines, reflow ovens, and more to meet the needs of your PCB manufacturing line at affordable prices. If you don't see the model you're currently interested in, don't hesitate to contact us.