Used MVP Supra E AOI MAchinesEnsure that your SMT manufacturing line is producing quality PCB’s with MVP Supra E AOI machines from Capital Equipment Exchange. Automated optical inspections uncover possible defects in your product so that you can fix problem areas before they pile up and cost you time and money.

Machine Vision Products, Inc (MVP) produced the award-winning Supra E to make AOI testing quick, efficient, accurate, and user-friendly.

5 Benefits Of SMT AOI Machines

AOI equipment can scan your PCB and compare it to the specified expected parameters. Any deviations from these expected parameters are identified and reported so you can see what’s going wrong. AOI can quickly analyze PCBs from a variety of angles and on very minute levels, unlike the naked eye.

  • Quickly Identify PCB Errors In Real-Time
  • Helps Gauge Differences In Quality As You Increase Production
  • Ensures A Higher Quality Final Product
  • Can Be Employed At Any Stage Of Production & Easily Repeated
  • Detect Surface Defects & Missing Or Wrongly Mounted Components

Why The Supra E?

When shopping for used AOI machines, consider the Supra E AutoInspector by MVP. The Supra E has offered highly-efficient, cost-effective, defect coverage from day 1. Now you can get these same benefits at an even more affordable price point with used SMT equipment.

The Supra E is designed to provide faster inspection times while also increasing your inspection capabilities.

  • Can Test Post Reflow, Post Paste & Post Wave
  • High-Resolution, Telecentric Optics Technology
  • 5 Megapixel Color Camera
  • 10um Resolution Standard
  • 1 Meter Footprint
  • Easy-To-Use

Other Used AOI Machines

Our range of available used AOI machines includes some of the most well-known industry-standard brand names. If you’re looking for reliable, name brand SMT equipment at an affordable price, check out our used AOI machines. Contact us if you don’t see what you need or want. We may have the right machine for you newly in stock.

  • Agilent AOI Machines
  • Breuckmann AICON AOI Machines
  • Koh Young AOI Machines
  • YesTech AOI Machines

Save Money. Buy Used SMT Equipment.

Used SMT equipment beings best manufacturing practices within arm’s reach more affordably. MVP Supra E AOI Machines are available now from Capital Equipment Exchange. Contact us today to choose from our selection and see your machine in action. We look forward to working with you.