These days, a wide variety of products include more intelligent, "smart" features. Outside of electronics, modern toys, appliances, and even diagnostic equipment may use circuits as part of the brain. That means, more than ever, manufacturers depend on SMT pick and place machines

SMT equipment takes the place of painstaking manual processes, but they don't come cheap. That is why businesses across the country trust Capital Equipment Exchange for used PCB manufacturing equipment. 

If you are wondering whether you should purchase new or used equipment for your business, here are a few pros and cons to consider. 

Pros Vs. Cons Of Used SMT Equipment

  • Pro: Used is more affordable.
  • Pro: Used can be delivered quickly after your order.
  • Pro: Used can mean a better variety of equipment or higher quality brands.
  • Con: New equipment generally includes tech support (at a cost), updated software, and user manuals.
  • Con: Used equipment sometimes requires manual configuration. 

New Pick & Place Machines - The Pros

New pick and place machines are more likely to come with a warranty and full user manual. Buyers can expect training and tech support along with the purchase. A constant in today's world, brand new SMT machines usually arrive with the necessary software updates. 

Perhaps most obviously, buying something new often comes with the satisfaction of owning something that has never been used. However, once this feeling is over, you are left with a few realities. 

Why Buying New SMT Equipment May Not Be Your Best Bet

First, new SMT machines typically take up to six weeks before the actual delivery, more during component shortages like the ones we're experiencing as an industry today. That delay can cost you money if your manufacturing operation needs the equipment. 

Second, and perhaps most importantly, you will spend a lot of money on those new internal working parts and will frequently have to pay high registrations fees once it comes time for tech help and troubleshooting.

Get Used Pick & Place Machines Faster

Unlike new equipment, used SMT machines for sale can be shipped immediately once purchased. If your plant is shut down because of a broken device, you may not have time to wait more than a month to get things running again. Pre-owned machines are typically sold at a greatly reduced price, which is important for many organizations.

Invest In More Reliability & Quality

The savings you get with pre-owned mean you can often purchase a higher quality or better brand than you could otherwise afford. It could also mean being able to purchase a full suite of used PCB equipment for the price of a single top-quality new device. 

New Vs. Used Pick & Place MachinesIncrease Your Purchasing Power

Used pick and place equipment may be the best option for organizations that are concerned with questions of capacity. It may be better to have two used machines running than one new machine struggling to keep up with changing demands. 

Even The Odds - Used Pick & Place With Top Customer Service

When it is time to purchase new PCB or SMT machines, trust your business to the experts at Capital Equipment Exchange. Our used pick and place machines are top quality and restored to production-ready condition. We offer a large variety of machines for almost every kind of manufacturing process. 

Consider the Universal Genesis GC-30S SMT Pick & Place or the Universal AdVantis AC-7 SMT Pick & Place. Both systems provide great value for the price.

Best of all, we remove the risk of used equipment from the equation. We guarantee that our machines work as advertised, let you see your machine working, and we can provide tech support and training to get you started. 

Used Pick & Place Machines For Sale

Contact us at Capital Equipment Exchange today to get the latest on our in-stock pick and place machines, or to ask about replacement parts to keep your own machines running. Looking for something specific? Give us a call. We may be working on a new arrival or able to help you find a comparable model.