OEM Support & SMT Equipment Registration FeesAre high registration fees worth it to ensure support from your SMT equipment’s original equipment manufacturer? Odds are, whether you’re purchasing a brand-new Universal pick and place machine or a “new to you” DEK screen printer, you will eventually need parts and technical service for your PCB assembly machinery. Learn more about how OEM registration fees work, whether they are critical for ongoing machine operations, and what other options might be available to you.

Why Pay SMT Registration Fees

Many businesses automatically pay OEM registration fees so that when it’s time to pick up the phone and get help with troubleshooting or a replacement part, they can rely on support straight from SMT manufacturers like Panasonic, Fuji, MyData, and Ekra.

The High Cost Of Registration Fees

Unfortunately, these fees are typically in the thousands of dollars, making them a stretch for both small producers and large operations with multiple machines in various states of repair. When you’ve already spent $20k on a critical machine, another big payout on top of repair fees, downtime, and the cost of spare parts can put a dent in your overall profits and ROI.

Can Non-Registered Machines Be Maintained?

Like screen printer manufacturer MPM, some SMT equipment brands do not currently charge these high OEM registration fees. Unfortunately, it takes some digging to get a clear answer from brand to brand, and no fees today can quickly turn into new fees tomorrow. The good news is that when you shop used PCB equipment, you’re not alone.

How Your Full-Service Reseller Can Help

Good full-service SMT equipment resellers, like Capital Equipment Exchange, know wave solder machines, flying probe testers, and pick and place devices inside and out. We work on a wide variety of brands and have a wealth of information to share on the purchases you make from us.

  • We make sure our products work and show you live or online.
  • We can help you with troubleshooting, technical support, and parts sourcing.
  • If you prefer OEM parts, we can also help you figure out what you need, so you are prepared when you call to place your order, without the expensive additional support fees.

Shop Used SMT Equipment With Confidence

When you’re ready to purchase SMT equipment, at Capital Equipment Exchange, we encourage you to explore our selection of used machines by industry-trusted brands. We provide you with the support you deserve without high OEM registration fees, so you can shop confidently and get the most for your money.