Pick & Place Machine Features To Speed Up PCB Assembly

Capital Equipment Exchange is based in McHenry, Illinois, and we provide fast pick and place machines from known manufacturers, such as Universal and My Data. We also carry quality used PCB equipment to help you save time and money.

The latest surface-mount technology (SMT) allows your assembly line to use robotic machines to swiftly and accurately install devices on printed circuit boards (PCBs). There are many advantages to investing in equipment that makes PCB assembly faster. Learn the pros and cons of this gear and how it can improve your operations.

Fast Pick And Place Machines

Modern pick and place machines have an improved structure and functionality. For example, TronStol makes semi-automatic and automatic machines for increased productivity and profitability.

Pros of Pick and Place Technology:

  • Dual tracks so you can load on one track and pick and place with the other.
  • Multiple placement heads (double or quadruple) allow operation at both ends.
  • The motion-driven linear motor allows for more control over movement and speed.
  • Rapid detection technology gives you dual cameras and fast image acquisition.
  • Advanced feeder technology can shorten component replacement time.
  • You can reduce manual errors with automatic and semi-automatic models (vs. manual pick and place processes).

Cons of Pick and Place Technology

  • Machine-assisted placement is still dependent on operator accuracy.
  • With more capabilities, machines also require more complicated benchtop hardware.
  • The higher upfront cost for automatic and semi-automatic pick and place machines.
  • Still need time for initial programming.

My Data Pick And Place

Now known as Mycronic Technologies, this company has a reputation for building accurate machines. Used My Data pick and place technology has the following pros:

  • Rigid frame
  • Reputation for accuracy
  • Precise mount head technology
  • Automatic thermal adaption
  • Excellent accuracy

These machines can speed up your assembly line but have some cons:

  • More lead time due to programming and testing requirements
  • Higher cost than less advanced models
  • Advanced optimization requires time and expertise to take advantage of

Universal Pick And Place

As electrical components continue to grow smaller, flagship brands such as Universal continue improving their products' speed and accuracy. The Universal Genesis SMT machines are designed for PCB producers that want component range without intense hardware reconfiguration.

Some of the features that make the Universal pick and place machines enviable include:

  • Agility and responsiveness
  • Modular design increases flexibility
  • Single, dual, and quad beams for ultimate scalability
  • Precise placements with small parts in mind

Cons of choosing Universal pick and place machines include:

  • Higher upfront costs
  • Requires upfront programming and testing

Used PCB Equipment For Sale

Choose from our selection of used machines, such as mature TronStol PCB placement equipment, for fast, accurate build times. Save time and money when you invest in equipment that can help you hit your goals. 

Capital Equipment Exchange in McHenry, Illinois, has built a solid reputation as a provider of pick-and-place machines that can speed up your PCB assembly line. Request a quote on used equipment from your most trusted manufacturers today!