Preventative Maintenance: Cloning SMT Machine Hard DrivesMany preventative maintenance tasks for used SMT equipment are almost common sense. They have to do with what we see on the outside of our pick and place machines, screen printers, and wave solder machines. Or, we start getting inconsistent results and more PCB’s not passing through the testing phase.

But what happens when the brains of the operation fail. Are you prepared for the day your hard drives die? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we’ve put together answers to common questions about what to do now to save you time and money on getting your PCB machines up and running again.

  • Can’t I just reload my SMT machine’s software?
  • Is critical data backup the best solution?
  • What can we do to be up and running as fast as possible?

Reloading Your Used SMT Machine’s Software

So, you’ve had a hard drive crash, can’t you just reload your pick and place machine's original software? Whether you’re running used PCBA manufacturing equipment or purchased new Universal Genesis machines for your line years ago, those original software sources may be difficult to find.

If you do have the original software on hand, you’ve got quite the process ahead of you. Just like installing a new operating system onto a desktop computer, it’s going to take time. Even more importantly, your original software will not include the essential factory data and calibration data you need to start production again.

Do Critical Data Copies Keep You Covered?

Keeping updated copies of critical data on hand may make the process faster once your machine’s manufacturing programs are installed and running. You still have the problem of getting that initial software going and entering all of your preferences and parameters again.

Cloning Hard Drives — The Hassle-Free Solution

Disk cloning creates an exact replica of your hard drive. With a clone, you can be up and running in less than an hour from a hard drive crash. Taking this preventative step, not only ensures that you have the right software and programming details on hand, but that it’s all ready to go.

  • Your source and the target drive have exactly the same data.
  • You can transfer all information — including operating systems and installed programs.
  • You won’t have to reinstall and reconfigure all of your software.

Your Knowledgeable Used SMT Equipment Suppliers

As an industry leader in used SMT equipment, we hate to hear horror stories from unprepared PCB manufacturers. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we strive to make your pick and place machine, AOI equipment or wave solder setup purchase hassle-free from sourcing to delivery.

We hope this information will help you avoid costly delays and unnecessary problems related to hard drive crashes on your assembly line. If it’s time to add a new screen printer or replace a reflow oven, we invite you to browse our inventory or contact us today for information on new arrivals.