PCB Quality ControlPerforming quality control tests during the PCB assembly process is essential to streamlined production, which is why we offer a variety of used SMT test equipment and machinery at Capital Equipment Exchange. There are many stages where boards and their components may need to be checked for defects. Different machinery can help this process move faster and easier, decreasing production time.

PCBA Quality Control Inspection Methods

Because there are different methods for creating and assembling printed circuit boards, there are also different inspection methods used for the quality control process. The techniques you choose will depend on the type of board, technical specifications, and the production volume required. More components mean more solder joints and more potential for error.

These are some of the most common inspections and occur at various points on the production line.

  • Visual Inspections
  • In-Circuit Tests (ICT)
  • Flying Probe Tests
  • Automated Optical Inspections
  • X-Ray Inspections

Visual inspections were once the standard, but as circuit boards and components get smaller and more powerful, it has become unreliable and is rarely used. New machinery has been developed and tested over the years to make QC easier and faster.

Common & Avoidable PCB Assembly Defects

Inspections resolve common PCB assembly defects and keep production lines running efficiently smoothly. They catch problems with the function of the production equipment and look for potential issues with stencils, components, and other aspects of the assembly.

Improperly functioning SMT equipment can lead to costly failures and wasted time, especially those related to thermal stress - just one of several defects to test for. Reconditioned SMT machinery can help you save money and find and eliminate common assembly defects such as:

  • Solder Deposit Problems
  • Component Misalignment
  • Improper Solder Joints Or Solder Bridges
  • Thermal Stress

SMT Equipment For Quality Control

Automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment can help detect problems with screen printing, solder deposition, and reflow. These highly-technical machines can also be programmed to look for other defects as needed.

X-Ray inspection equipment, such as the Agilent 5DX Series 5000, can find faults in solder paste and solder joints, including excess or insufficient solder, solder balls, nonwetting, and more.

Flying probes and in-circuit tests (ICT) find defects in the manufacturing process and test the functionality of printed circuit boards and their components. There are pros and cons to both, and which to use will depend on your production needs and volume. We are happy to advise on which solutions will work best for you.

Used SMT Testing Equipment You Can Trust

Capital Equipment Exchange offers used SMT equipment you can trust. Our equipment undergoes a thorough reconditioning process to ensure that every machine we offer is production-ready. Find and eliminate defects in your PCB assembly process and keep your production line flowing.

Contact us today for more information about our testing equipment for quality control and other surface mount technologies available for sale.