SMT Machinery Shipping LogisticsCapital Equipment Exchange has been in the used PCB and SMT equipment business for so long that we have become experts in the shipping logistics and knowing the best options for our customers. Find out more about the process and which method may be right for you.

The Logistics Of Machinery Shipping

Shipping logistics and planning begin even before a sale is finalized. We want to ensure that every product we offer can make it safely from our door to yours, ready for production. We start planning how the product will leave our warehouse by looking at the packaging options (including rigging) and the best transportation choices to get your asset to you on schedule.

There are many factors in determining how your used SMT equipment will arrive to you, including (but not limited to) weight, environmental control, urgency for production, and cost.

Used SMT Equipment Shipping Options

We have many options for shipping used PCB assembly equipment. Essentially any shipping service that handles large manufacturing equipment is an available option. Again, our professionals can guide you through finding the right choice for your company and the purchased assets. Some options may include:

  • Full Truck Load
  • Less-Than Truck Load
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Transport
  • Rail Transport

LTL Shipping Basics

For most of our customers in the contiguous United States, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping will be the fastest and most economical option. Most SMT and PCB equipment is not large enough for full truckloads (FTL). LTL means your cargo is loaded with shipments going to others on the same truck, which helps reduce cost. LTL shipment works best in the following situations:

  • The shipping time is not urgent or time-sensitive.
  • Shipping weight does not exceed 15,000 lbs.
  • Fewer than 10 pallets are needed for cargo.
  • Strict environmental controls are not necessary.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean freight shipping is a perfect option for overseas clients to receive assets. Like standard truck shipping, you can choose less-than-container loads, full container loads, or you can ship oversized cargo. Ocean freight shipping works in tandem with truck or rail services to ensure a smooth transition for large manufacturing equipment and machinery.

While air freight is faster, it’s also more costly. Ocean shipping has some advantages:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • Reliable sea transportation schedules.
  • Global reach and options.
  • Temperature controlled loads.

Industrial Rigging For Safety

Rigging is an essential aspect of the shipping process. Rigging kits allow us to get the equipment “up and away” successfully and without damage. It’s the only option for heavy yet fragile equipment like ours. It’s flexible enough to handle one machine or a warehouse full of equipment and essential for anything that needs to be lifted by a crane.

Used SMT Equipment Shipping & Logistics

Purchasing used SMT and PCBA equipment is an investment in your company’s future. Not only do we restore all of our equipment to full production readiness, but we are experts in finding the shipping logistics solutions you need. Please browse our inventory of machinery and parts or contact us to find out more about our shipping methods and partners.