SMT MachineBuying and keeping the right machines on your PCBA assembly lines keep you agile in our ever-changing and evolving industry. How can you tell where to invest when it’s time to purchase new equipment and replace old models? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we’ve put together a handy list of SMT equipment brands that have held their value in 2020.

Although these are the brands that are currently leading in PCB manufacturing, we also encourage you to keep in mind that manufacturers with a history of successful machines that are still widely available are more likely to support those machines and have plenty of tech and parts support available for many years to come.

Used SMT Equipment By Top Brands

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we regularly carry used PCB equipment by the most recognized and trusted brands in the industry. Our inventory is constantly in flux as we help meet the world’s demand for high-quality, precise, reliable machines that can prepare, produce, and test printed circuit boards of varied sizes and types.

PCB Machines Require Support Today & Tomorrow

Getting a good deal on a new or used SMT pick and place machine, screen printer, flying probe tester, wave solder machine, or PCB conveyor doesn’t make it a good investment if support and parts will be nowhere to be found a few years down the line.

SMT machines made by the best companies hold their value because they come with years of OEM service and plenty of easy-to-find replacement parts and repair advice.

Ready To Invest In SMT Brands You Can Trust?

If you are looking to invest in SMT manufacturing equipment and want to break down high entry barriers by choosing used, we encourage you to contact us at Capital Equipment Exchange today. Even if you don’t see the make or model you’re interested in online, we may have it currently on the way or be able to source it for you from our trusted network of suppliers.