Solder paste inspection is one of the most critical processes in the assembly of printed circuit boards, which is why Capital Equipment Exchange offers used automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment to help you find paste defects quickly. It is estimated that up to 50% of errors are found in the solder paste printing process or defective solder joints.

You can save time and money by using 3D solder paste inspection equipment as part of your production line.

Solder Paste Inspection Equipment

Solder paste inspection (SPI) is conducted by an SPI machine, typically a 3D automated optical inspection machine. We offer several brands of restored and fully functioning SMT inspection equipment, like the Koh Young KY 3030. With this equipment, the results of a solder paste inspection are fed back to the screen printer, and adjustments are made to correct defects and improve the overall PCB manufacturing process.

SPI equipment can check for the following:

  • Paste Volume & Height
  • Paste Shape Deformities
  • Mask Alignment
  • Impurities
  • Bridging & Displacement

The Benefits Of Inspection

Immediate feedback and corrective action is the main benefit of conduction a 3D solder paste inspection. It’s useful for all manufacturers, but especially for those with high-volume production needs where a small defect can lead to many ruined boards and a loss of revenue and delays.

3D Solder paste inspection provides:

  • Immediate Printing Feedback
  • Fast Corrective Action
  • Superior Quality Control
  • High-Resolution Technology
  • A More Productive Line

Why Paste Inspection Matters

The majority of PCBs are assembled with the screen printing process, and most defects occur during solder placement. Choosing solder paste inspection means you find those problems and correct them efficiently. By evaluating solder paste volume and height, you can determine the longevity and strength of a solder joint. If your boards are durable, it gives you an edge over your competitors.

To be sure 3D inspection is right for you, we recommend a consultation with our experienced technicians to find the equipment that will best suit your needs.

Find Used SMT Equipment

Whether you need 3D solder paste inspection equipment specifically or any other type of used SMT equipment, Capital Equipment Exchange is your source for the most reliable, production-ready machines. We also offer consignment and valuation services.

Browse our inventory of AOI inspection equipment or contact us if you are looking for something specific. We are happy to help you find the equipment you need.