Used SMT Consignment Vs. Cash OffersYou have used SMT equipment you can’t use, and you want cash, is a cash offer really your best bet? At Capital Equipment Exchange, we hate to see businesses miss out on thousands of dollars because of misunderstandings about how the consignment process really works.

Before you settle for quick cash, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of our time-tested, PCB manufacturing equipment consignment process.

  • You retain ownership of your assets.
  • You get machines off your floor.
  • We deal with marketing and sales.
  • You get the bulk of the proceeds of the sale.
  • You get fair market value for your asset.

Consignment Vs. Cash Offer

We not only understand the appeal of having cash in hand as quickly as possible, we regularly offer to buy popular used SMT equipment by in-demand brands. As specialists in PCB manufacturing sales, we know the real market value for each pick and place machine, reflow oven, screen printer, and AOI machine we buy.

Time and time again, we see potential gains passed over because a customer chooses a cash offer over consignment.

How SMT Equipment Consignments Work

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we don’t just make sales. We build partnerships. When you understand how our used SMT equipment consignments work, you can see how a little extra time benefits everyone in the long run, especially you as the owner of the asset.

This service is especially profitable in high-quality, low-demand asset situations.

  • You ship your equipment to us, and we take on all the work.
  • We inspect your machines and supply you with a complete equipment condition report.
  • The duration of your consignment is clearly defined in our contract.
  • We house your equipment in our facility and verify that it meets our highest quality standards for resale.
  • We promote each machine to our global network of clients, matching machines where we know there is a need.
  • We demonstrate your machines for you in-person or by video.
  • We negotiate and close the deal, prepare your assets for shipment, and handle logistics until the completion of your sale.
  • You are paid in full before your machine leaves our facility.
  • After the sale, the buyer is 100% responsible for all shipping related costs.

Don’t Settle. Ask About SMT Consignment Services.

Download our consignment sale brochure or contact us at Capital Equipment Exchange today. Ask about our asset management program about how we can help you get rid of idle SMT equipment without the sizable losses that often come with cash offers. We look forward to helping you get the highest returns without all the hassles.