Demand is high, is your SMT production line keeping up? Electrical component shortages aren’t predicted to get better anytime soon. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to SMT equipment. You don’t have to put off your next flying probe tester, wave solder machine, or PCB conveyor purchase.

Increase Your Production Capacity & Meet Demand

COVID continues, but demand for electronics is only increasing. Consumer electronics sales in the U.S. are up - estimated to be $113 billion this year. You want to make sure your PCB manufacturing capabilities are up too. 

Unfortunately, electrical component shortages may mean the SMT manufacturing equipment you need isn’t available or is more expensive.  

Supply Chain Backups Don’t Have To Hold You Up

We know you’re hearing it. Nobody has parts. Shipments are waiting on boats. Semiconductors aren’t available. They can put you on a waiting list. But can you really wait to buy another print and place machine or to replace your reflow ovens?

Don’t Let Broken SMT Machines Cause Production Delays

Speaking of SMT equipment replacements, a slowly dying or old machine may be costing you in production rates and reliability. If you’re holding off on purchasing replacement machines because of current electrical component shortages, we have a solution for you.

If all you need is a spare part to make repairs, make sure to contact us. We may be able to help you out.

Used PCB Manufacturing Equipment Is The Answer

At Capital Equipment Exchange, we offer used PCB manufacturing equipment at affordable prices, and best of all, it’s already ready for you. No waiting lists or backlogs. 

A Reliable Source For High-Quality Machines

Don’t rely on risky auction sites or no-name sellers because you need machines now. We test every device we offer for sale thoroughly. You can see your equipment working in real-time in our warehouse or online. Have a question about your new-to-you SMT equipment? Simply call our technicians for help.

Find SMT Equipment For Sale

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our online inventory? We can give you our latest inventory updates or help you find a comparable machine we have in stock. Don’t let component shortages affect your manufacturing capabilities. Contact us at Capital Equipment Exchange today.