Ensure you're getting the best insider information every time you lease SMT equipment with professional lessor services by Capital Equipment Exchange. We'll help you save time and money at the start and end of each equipment contract. Don't get stuck with a bunch of used machines you need to value and liquidate. We have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your PCB manufacturing assets from start to finish.

Our Lessor Services

We understand SMT equipment inside and out. When you work with Capital Equipment Exchange, you unlock over two decades of insider information about your equipment manufacturers, how your machines work, and the current market outlook. This gives you an edge, whether you are setting terms for a new lease or negotiating end-of-lease buyout pricing.

  • Accurate, Reliable Lease Origination Appraisals
  • End-Of-Lease Equipment Valuation
  • End-Of-Lease Condition Reporting
  • Quick Equipment Liquidation
  • Affordable Advice - We Help You For Free

Ensure Quality Asset Recovery

Did your leaseholder return equipment that is not up to your standards or the expectations outlined in your lease? Our experienced technicians can let you know. We can even work with the leaseholder to get you paid for any misuse. Our quality asset recovery services save you time and money.

Looking To Sell Returned SMT Equipment?

We can buy your returned, used SMT equipment at the end of a lease so you're not stuck storing or consigning machines that you can't use. Take advantage of our quick cash offers over the losses associated with used equipment auctions or low-return consignment services through inexperienced retailers.

At the end of your lease, we can purchase all types of used PCB assembly equipment.

Get The Most Out Of SMT Equipment Leases

Take advantage of the lessor services offered by Capital Equipment Exchange. Find out why so many SMT equipment leasing companies rely on us - both the start of a lease and at the end of these contracts. From origination to liquidation, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about working with us and taking advantage of our complimentary lessor services.