Labsphere Illumia Plus Light Metrology System

Labsphere Illumia Plus Light Metrology System {ID: 7475}

Status: Sold
DOM: Aug 2017
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Quantity: 1
Usage : only a few uses

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This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional either live or by video for your acceptance.  Availability is subject to prior sale.


  • 40" Sphere
  • Includes:
    • CPU - PM-150-140
    • CDS-600 - Mini CCD Array Spectrometers offer low noise and a broad spectral response with calibrated ranges from 200 to 850 nm or 350 to 1000 nm. When coupled with a Labsphere integrating sphere, the spectrometers avoid the inherent photometric errors associated with filter-based photometers; data is accurate even for narrow-band light sources such as LEDs, fluorescent lamps, and discharge lamps. In production, these systems can increase the throughput of quality assurance testing which facilitates improved statistical process control for higher manufacturing consistency and greater product quality.
    • Chroma Power supply (model: 62012P-600-8)
    • SCL-1400
    • Calibration kit
    • Many accessories still in new packaging


Illumia Plus Integrating Sphere Spectrometer Systems

  • Modular, configurable systems with a wide range of spectrometer options and sphere sizes from 25 cm to 3 m
  • Add-on electronics modules increase functionality and simplify compliance with IESNA LM-79, LM-78, LM-82 and equivalent global measurement guidelines and standards
  • Systems are delivered with Labsphere’s Integral software platform
  • Automated calibration and LM-79 stabilization routines ensure ease-of-use and increased efficiency
  • New integrating sphere design allows for hot-swap of DUTs for shorter measurement scan times and less down time


Information is provided for your convenience as our good faith estimate for this equipment. CEE does not warrant the accuracy of this information due to the nature of used equipment. Used equipment can be customized, altered, or simply worn beyond the capability to perform to original specifications. If certain details are critical for your application, we highly recommend testing the machines performance on that criteria. Please notify your CEE sales representative prior to purchase and we will propose solutions for your concerns. CEE's goal is always to minimize your risk.