Data IO Pro-LINE Roadrunner Component Programmer

Data IO Pro-LINE Roadrunner Component Programmer {ID: 7537}

Status: Available
DOM: 2010
Condition: Inline with its age
Quantity: 1

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Product installation requirements:

Facilities: 110/240 V AC, 50/60hz, 1ph / Air: 75 PSI ± 5 PSI @ 4 SCFM
Dims: 41" x 3.1" x 19" @ 35 lbs

Product Terms:

This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional either live or by video for your acceptance.  Availability is subject to prior sale.


  • SW Rev 05.52.00.C
  • Model:  RR-ProLine - FC3 - Genesiss
  • Part # - 965-0044-003
  • Supports: Universal, Siemens/ASM, Panasonic, Fuji, Mydata


The World’s Only Just-in-Time Programming System. 

Just-in-time Programming Benefits

  • Immediate response to last minute code changes
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Save time during ICT/Functional Test

Reduce Operator Errors

  • Automates job selection & download
  • Reduce scrap
  • Minimizes rework

Enable Data-driven Decision Making

  • Ensures traceability
  • Tracks yield to improve efficiency
  • Sends programming results and process data records to MEX/QMS factory Software 
  • Receive machine alerts by email or SMS for specific programming conditions parameters


Typical Product Dimensions

  • Length: 1045 mm (41 in.)

  • Width: 78.5 mm (3.1 in.)

  • Heigth: 483 mm (19.02 in.)

  • Protrusion distance from machine: Length: 740 mm (29 in.)

  • Net weight: approx. 16 kg (35.2 lbs)

Tape-Input Options

  • 16/24/32mm (using standard adjustable tape input module)

  • Optional fixed tape-in module supports 12 mm tape

  • Reel size: 32 mm tape x 330 mm (13 in.) diameter max

Regulatory Compliance

  • CE, OSHA

Universal Device Support

  • Flash Memory (NOR, NAND, MCP, MMC, e.MMC, SD, MoviNAND, OneNAND, iNAND, Serial Flash, EEPROM, EPROM and more), Microcontrollers and Logic devices (CPLD, FPGA’s, PLD’s) and more)

Package Support

  • Package geometries up to 21.65 mm wide, 14 mm long and 3 mm high (4 probes) or 16.5 mm long and 3 mm high (2 probes)

Annual Programmer Support (APS)

  • The first year of support is included in the system purchase price and can be extended via annual support agreement renewal. The APS support program covers both hardware and system software (consumables are not included)

Socketing Technology

  • Standard burn-in sockets (5,000 - 10,000 insertions per socket)

  • High Insertion Count (HIC) for BGA, TSOP, QFP (250,000 insertions per socket)

Changeover Time (New Job Set-up) - Tape configuration using adjustable tape-in module

  • < 15 minutes

  • Change reel (13 in. reel diameter)

  • Empty cover tape take-up reel

  • Change socket adapter

  • Insert carrier tape and align pocket

Changeover Time (consumables)

  • <1 minute

  • Replace PNP nozzle tips

  • Replace socket adapter

Air Requirements

  • Regulated Air to RoadRunner: 75 PSI ± 5 PSI @ 4 SCFM

Power Requirements

  • AC Input: 110/240 V AC, 50/60 HZ (single phase)

  • AC Input Power: 100 W

Operating Temperature Range

  • +15° to +40°C (+60°F to + 104°F)

  • Temperature stabilization time ≥ 8 hours

  • Operating humidity, non-condensing: 20 - 80%


Information is provided for your convenience as our good faith estimate for this equipment. CEE does not warrant the accuracy of this information due to the nature of used equipment. Used equipment can be customized, altered, or simply worn beyond the capability to perform to original specifications. If certain details are critical for your application, we highly recommend testing the machines performance on that criteria. Please notify your CEE sales representative prior to purchase and we will propose solutions for your concerns. CEE's goal is always to minimize your risk.