Nordson Dispense Robot with DuraBlue Melters

Nordson Dispense Robot with DuraBlue Melters {ID: 7556}

Status: Available
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
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Product Terms:

This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional either live or by video for your acceptance.  Availability is subject to prior sale.


System Includes:

  • DuraBlue 4 Melter with Hose & Gun
  • Janome JR2500 Robot
  • Hand Held Teaching Pendant


DuraBlue melter systems provide everything needed to begin adhesive application immediately: melter, hose, gun and nozzle. The hose and gun arrive assembled as a single part. To begin using the DuraBlue melter system, simply connect the hose/gun assembly to the melter, mechanically and electrically, and supply power through the attached electrical cord.

A choice of guns meets virtually any manual or semiautomatic manufacturing requirement. The gun choices provide for flexibility of triggering options, either hand or foot control. A selection of hose lengths provides additional adaptability to meet specific production needs.

The DuraBlue melters feature fixed-speed AC motors with gerotor gear pumps and are easy to install, operate and maintain.


  • Type of System   Tank with gerotor pump

  • Holding Capacity   4 L (244 in3) / 3.9 kg (8.6 lb)

  • Throughput (per hour)   6.3 kg (13.9 lb)

  • Melt Rate (per hour)   4.7 kg (10.3 lb)

  • Maximum Pump Rate (per hour)   22 kg (48 lb)

  • Number of Hoses/Guns   1 standard

  • Maximum Working Hydraulic Pressure   40 bars (600 psi)

  • Operating Temperature Range   40 to 230°C (100 to 450°F)

  • Ambient Temperature Range   0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

  • Temperature Control Stability   ±0.5°C (1°F)

  • Electrical Service   120 VAC single phase 60 Hz / 200 to 240 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz

  • Maximum System Power Capacity

    • @120 VAC   2400 watts

    • @240 VAC   3355 watts

  • Approx. Melter Weight (empty)   42 kg (92 lbs)

  • Melter Dimensions

    • Width   334 mm (13.1 in.)

    • Height   478 mm (18.8 in.)

    • Depth   552 mm (21.7 in.)


Information is provided for your convenience as our good faith estimate for this equipment. CEE does not warrant the accuracy of this information due to the nature of used equipment. Used equipment can be customized, altered, or simply worn beyond the capability to perform to original specifications. If certain details are critical for your application, we highly recommend testing the machines performance on that criteria. Please notify your CEE sales representative prior to purchase and we will propose solutions for your concerns. CEE's goal is always to minimize your risk.