Capital Equipment Exchange has compiled a list of questions and answers to the most common inquiries about our products.

Buying Used Equipment from CEE?

CEE's technicians prepare each machine for a full functional demonstration. We welcome our client's acceptance criteria, even application based. We encourage all of our clients to visit for a complete demonstration of the machine's functionality, but we can also provide a demonstration by video for your review. We will also try to accommodate any special acceptance criteria that you may have. Our goal is eliminate your buyer's risk.

What's the purchase process typically like?

When a client decides that they would like to pursue a machine, they will issue a conditional purchase order. CEE will then place the machine on hold and schedule a demonstration for their approval. The demonstration is either conducted at our facility or by video. If the client accepts the machine, CEE will then invoice against this purchase order. The machine will be prepared by CEE technicians for shipment. CEE will load the machine onto the buyers truck. If there are special packing needs, CEE will be happy to help with all the arrangements. CEE can provide ocean packing when needed.

Should I be buying used equipment?

Used equipment is a very popular choice for many manufacturers worldwide. Even the largest manufacturers consider used equipment for their needs; however, CEE feels that it is not always the best solution for a client. CEE makes available each piece of equipment for fully functional demonstration, which substantially reduces are buyers risk. With many used equipment suppliers and auctions, the equipment is not available for functional demonstration. Only very experienced buyers should participate in this type of purchase unless you have incorporated this risk into your purchase price.

Does CEE offer post sales support?

CEE stands behind each machine we sell. We will always make sure that what was promised is what is received. CEE will also be happy to help with technical assistance upon receipt of equipment; however, CEE is not a replacement for the OEM's technical phone support or Field Engineering. CEE does not have the resources of the OEM and is not set-up to compete with the OEM's in this area.

Does CEE offer a warranty with the equipment?

No. CEE is all about reducing your purchase risk. We will bend over backwards to make sure that you have every assurance of the equipment's condition prior to purchase, but we do not offer a warranty with the equipment. CEE is responsible for supplying all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision on the equipment. We can not be responsible for the machine after it leaves our facility. Why? Our goal is supply used equipment that is fully functional and ready for production. We are not here to replace the OEM, which has much lower cost on their spare parts. If a warranty is a must for you, please discuss with your CEE sales agent. We do have extended protection options for buyers who require it.

How do I sell my used to equipment to CEE?

The process is simple. Call CEE! CEE will review your equipment list. We will supply you with a simple question list on the equipment. When we receive your answers, we will supply you with an offer conditional upon inspection. If you accept the offer, CEE will have a technician inspect the equipment within a couple days. If it's good equipment, CEE will issue a purchase order for the equipment and send the money. We will make all the arrangements for pick-up. It's that easy.

What's the typical lead time?

Lead times are typically short when dealing with CEE. CEE stores the vast majority of our equipment in our facility. Our typical lead time is 1-2 weeks for a demonstration. After the demonstration, CEE can have the machine packed and ready for shipment with in a day or two.

What type of equipment is CEE looking to purchase?

Our primary focus at CEE is to buy all late model front end SMT equipment that has been well maintained. We will typically make offers on all type of manufacturing equipment within our industry and without. CEE is well versed in the secondary markets and can find a home for all types of equipment.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is the cost and responsibility of the buyer. CEE is well versed in shipping around the world. We can help you with any and all arrangements that you may need, including special packing considerations or expedited shipping.

Can CEE help me ship overseas?

Yes. A majority of our shipments are international. We can help you with all the arrangements and special packing needs including ocean pack with certified lumber.

What are CEE's standard terms?

Our standard terms are 100% prepay after a client has inspect the equipment and approved of the demonstration.