How do you handle returned assets?

Very well, thank you! But to be more elaborate, CEE can do pre-return onsite inspections; provide return instructions; help with shipping arrangements; provide a full condition/completion report upon arrival. Most of our Lessor client will have the opportunity to bill back their client for missing and broken items.

Nothing of value is free, is it?

Although this service is free, we consider it an investment in advertising. We feel very strongly if we are given the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and skills that lessors will want us to handle the asset if it comes off of lease. Whether or not you find it of value is to be determined, but you have nothing to lose in the process.

How much and how long?

Unless it is a big project and the findings need to be defended, CEE does not ask for compensation. We will typically write-up and informal report complete background information and an estimation of value. Typically, we'll have the report out within the day.

What information can CEE provide to Lessors?

Lessors typically ask for valuations projections for origination and end of lease, but CEE will do their best to help you understand the OEM, the market, the risks, and the industry as it pertains to the asset(s). We feel a valutation number is much for useful when put into context.