Why would I consider a consignment versus an auction or immediate cash purchase?

With CEE's asset management program, CEE can offer you our best return. This is because CEE does not assume the holding risk of the equipment like they would with a purchased asset. In exchange for reducing our risk, CEE takes simple commission for the sale and you pocket the bulk of the proceeds of the sale. The asset management also solves other problem associated with selling equipment, like getting the machines off your floor and eliminating the strain of your internal resources during the sales process. Often seller's are concerned that a consignment is too open ended and that the units may never sell at the promised prices. CEE can offer you a defined asset management product that spells out all the specifics and can even guarantee you results. Why settle for selling your assets in liquidation fashion, when you can achieve much better returns for selling your equipment at its true Fair Market Value?

How long does the process typically take?

If the asset is fairly marketable, we typically recommend a 60-90 day consignment. If a client is looking for premium returns on a less marketable asset, we will sometimes request a longer consignment duration as the sale cycles may be longer. In any case, the duration of the consignment is clearly defined in our contract.

When would I receive my money from the sale?

All consignment customer are paid in full prior to equipment being moved out of CEE, but this is not a concern for our consignment customers. A consignment client is paid by CEE, prior to any equipment leaves our facility whether or not we have been paid. This completely eliminates your risk of buyers creditworthiness.

What happens if the unit does not sell?

For many seller's this is their number one issue with a consignment. CEE believes that this should not be your issue. With CEE's asset management program, CEE can offer you a buyout contingency if the unit does not sell in the allotted time frame or other contingencies to eliminate this issue.

Who is responsible for shipping the units to CEE? What about after the sale?

Upfront shipping responsibilities are negotiable, but will of course be spelled out in the asset management agreement. After the sale, the buyer is 100% responsible for all shipping related costs. In general, an asset management client has no fiscal responsibilities after the consignment begins.