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Panasonic CM-602L SMT Placement (Type A-2) {ID: 7639}
Two long stroke 8 nozzle heads also available.
Feeders available


Panasonic CM-602L SMT Placement (Type A-1) {ID: 7638}
Two long stroke 8 nozzle heads also available.
Feeders available

Universal Genesis GC-30S SMT Pick & Place {ID: 7496}
PC Vision, Point Grey/Flir PEC, Calibrated & Trimmed.
These machines are awesome! Watch them run.
video video video video

Electrovert Omni Excel 10 Reflow Oven {ID: 6411}
Multiple units available.

Nordson YesTech M1 AOI {ID: 7644}}

DOM Dec 2018. Barely used (maybe 100hrs).

Omron VT-S500 AOI {ID: 7636}

Massive 20" x 24" PCB capability

Agilent 5DX Series 5000 X-ray Inspection {ID: 7415}

Upgraded to Window7 / s/w version 8.6.0 (installed in 2016)
Configuration, Self Test Results, & Subsystems Status

SMT Opti-Print 2444 BAM Screen Printer {ID: 7635}
HUGE 24" x 44" or 24" x 36" print area

DEK Horizon 01iX Screen Printer {ID: 7645}

High-end 01 model with Cyclone, Hawkeye 1700, Grid-Lok, and Auto Stencil Load

DEK Horizon 02i Screen Printer {ID: 7643}
WINDOWS 10, Cyclone, Hawkeye 1700, Quik-Tool

Horiba XGT-7200V X-ray Analytical Microscope {ID: 7642}

Designed to simutaneously measure and analyze the transmitted X-ray image, fluorescent X-ray image, and X-ray spectrum of a sample.
Does not need liquid N2.

Universal Genesis GI-14D SMT Placement {ID: 7561}
Huge component range, high reliability, and low price.

X-Machine XGH-300 IR Curing Oven {ID: 7630}

Barely used

Rare Opportunities!

ASM X Feeders 8mm dbl & 12mm

Universal Radial 5 Radial Lead Inserter - 20 stations {ID: 7545}

Mydata Magazines & Feeders

OGP Avant ZIP 600 Multi-Sensor Machine {ID: 7543}

YesTech AOI's - Table Top, Inline, and Xrays

ASC VisionPro AP500 3D Solder Paste Inspection {ID: 7604}


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