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Electrovert Electra 600/F Large Board Wave

600mm process width and loaded with preheat.
Remarkably clean!!!

Universal Genesis GC-30S SMT Pick & Place {ID: 7484}

Large Component Range - 01005 to 30mm sq components at 32,000 cph
CSP, WLCSPs! Large board!
example video

YESTech YTX-X3 3D X-Ray 2013 {ID: 7426}

Includes Manuals and Spares
See acceptance video for identical sold X3

MVP AutoInspector Supra E AOI {ID: 7507}

Post Reflow, Post Paste and Post Wave AOI
Easy-To-Use Performance Based Programming
01005 Solder Joint Inspection, Certified
example video

Agilent 5DX Series 5000 X-ray Inspection {ID: 7415}

Upgraded to Window7
s/w version 8.6.0 (installed in 2016)
Configuration, Self Test Results, & Subsystems Status

Asymtek X-1010 with Dispense Jet DJ-2100

Includes Manuals, Software, Accessories, and Spares.
qty 2 - DJ-2112 Dispense-Jet heads
Ask about DV-05A Head (Diaphragm Valve with Suckback)

EKRA XACT4 Screen Printer 2013 {ID: 6407}

Auto Stencil Wiper, EVA Vision system, 550 x 550mm Max Board Size,
Magnetic tooling, 200-300-400mm squeegees, Top & Side PCB clamping
watch video

DEK Horizon 02i Screen Printer
Hawkeye 1700 with 2d, Vacuum Screen Clean, Grid-Lok, 620mm Boards
VJ Electronix Summit 750 Rework System {ID: 7429}

Remove with pick & place repair BGA rework station.
Includes tooling, accessories, and spares.

Universal Advantis AC-30L Pick & Place
Huge component range, 30kcph, high reliability, and low price.
Electrovert Omni Excel 10 Reflow Oven

220 Volts! 10 heated zones & 3 cooling zones, SMEMA
edge with Center Rail Support, Air Cooled (no chiller required)

Rare Opportunities!

Contact Systems CS-400E Semi-Auto Thru-Hole Insertion {ID: 7546}

Universal Radial 5 Radial Lead Inserter - 20 stations {ID: 7545}

Nextron LPM2 Press-Fit Machine {ID: 7418}

OGP Avant ZIP 600 Multi-Sensor Machine {ID: 7543}

Universal Instruments Portable MCCM Calibration Fixture Kit {ID: 7541}

Universal Instruments Auto TRIM and MMI Kit {ID: 7540}


Destackers & Bare Board Loaders from Universal, Promation, Vanstron

Workstations from Simplimatic, Universal, and Vanstron


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