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Speedline MPM Momentum Elite Screen Printer {ID: 7419}


Fully functional & ready for production


Soltec Delta 6622CC Wave solder {ID: 6418}


Lead Free. New Cast Iron Pot in 2017.


Electrovert Omni Excel 10 Reflow Oven {ID: 6419}


Edge with center rail support. Air cooled. 220V.


Koh Young KY-3030 VAL 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine {ID: 6210}


With data, you can program a pcb in 5 minutes!

Agilent 5dx

Agilent 5DX Series 5000 {ID: 7415}


Windows 7 upgraded.
Software: v8.6.0 (Release date 3/4/2016)


YESTech YTX-X3 3D X-Ray {ID: 7426}


New in 2014 for $265,000

2014 YESTech FX AOI

Fourside cameras oblique view option FX seies($12k option)

RPS Rhythm SPX Selective Solder

Massive 24” x 24” Process Range

Panasonic CM402L 8+8

Multiple units and configurations available.
Panasonic DT401F with Tray Tower also available.

YXLON Cheetah SMT X-Ray

160 Kv Microfocus Demountable Open X-ray Tube w/ 10 Watts Target Power.
Follow link to web for video.

2009 DEK Horizon 02i Screen Printer

2D Inspection with Haweye 1700
S/W ver09, Cyclone USC; 620mm PCB capability
Many more in stock. See all of our available printers!

Universal Genesis GX-11S

7 Spindle & 4 Spindle Heads. The perfect do-it-all SMT placer.
PC based VME
New Product Introduction Software (NPI)

Assembleon AX-501 SMT Placement

10 Standard Robots with Laser Vision
5 Feeder exchange carts (many more available!),
Feeder service tools station (PA2090/21)
Tons of Feeders, Feeder Exchange Carts, and Spare parts available

Heller 1912EXL Reflow Oven

12 heated zones, auto chain oilers,
SMEMA, Left to Right, Edge/Mesh

Electrovert Electra 500F Wave Solder

Lead Free by design but using leaded.
Preheats: 4 bottom & 1 top, UltraFill nozzle, Finger Cleaner, Motorized Width
Opti 2 ultrasonic Fluxer (external)


JOT Destacker, FIFO, Lift Gate, and Workstations

Univerasal Gold Feeders. Exchange Carts, Tables, and Banks


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