Washes remove contamination and residues after a reflow or wave solder process.  Removing contaminates and flux residues lower the risk of electrochemical migration (ECM) failures.  Clean assemblies are considered to be more reliable.  Stencil Cleaners clean stencils, screens, misprinted PCBs, SMD adhesives, pallets, oven radiators, and tooling.

The biggest factors in wash selection are speed, effectiveness, cleaning method (agent), and waste water management. 

The two main types of PCB washes are In-line and Batch. In-line washes are capable of much higher throughput, but they require a lot of floor space and facilities. Batch washes are more flexible and smaller, but they are also much slower.

Some common brands for PCB Washes and Stencil Cleaners include:

Speedline Electrovert, Aqueous Technologies, Smart Sonic, Technical Devices, and TREK (Stoelting)

All brands have their strengths and weaknesses.  Our highly experienced CEE Sales Consultants can help you determine the solution that works best for your needs.

If you don't find the machine you require, please contact sales.

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Nordson March C-Series Plasma Cleaner

Nordson March C-Series Plasma Cleaner

A complete plasma cleaner system with vacuum pump, chiller, and transformer.

CEE ID: 7649

Status: Available

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