Capital Equipment Exchange has used wave solder machines to help you increase your PCB production speed and save money. Also known as flow soldering, this is a bulk soldering process commonly used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. These machines accept printed circuit boards with through-hole or glued SMT components.

How Wave Soldering Works

In the wave solder process, a group of circuit boards passes over a pan of molten solder paste. As it travels over the pan a pump creates a wave of liquid which binds components to the board. This process allows for a large number of PCBs to have components attached at the same time.

Most wave soldering equipment is highly configurable to each production line and has lots of amazing benefits.

  • Effective & Stable
  • Cheaper To Operate
  • No Masking On Unprocessed Areas
  • Saves Time For Mass Quantities
  • Can Be Used on SMD & VIA Boards

How Does Flow Soldering Compare To Reflow?

When considering used SMT equipment, you might have to choose between wave solder machines and reflow ovens. While both are effective at SMT assembly, wave (or flow) soldering is also a good choice for THT and DIP assembly - making for more versatile machines.

You may find uses for both types of component assembly on your line, depending on the PCBs you manufacture most frequently.

Wave Vs. Selective Soldering

Another consideration when choosing the best PCB manufacturing equipment is between wave and selective soldering processes. If you need to attach components to both sides of a two-sided circuit board, you may want to look into selective techniques for your line.

The time and cost saving associated with a reduction of defects and compatibility with large unit volume production still make wave solder machines a wise option for SMT manufacturing.

Customize Your Wave Solder Process

PCB solutions that work for one company may not necessarily be best for another. We can help you customize your wave solder machine so that it is properly managed and reduces the need for touch-up and rework. These are some of the most common ways we can help you make sure your machine matches your process and help you avoid unnecessary costs and frustration.

Buy Used Wave Solder Machines

We carry fully restored, production-ready used wave solder machines for your PCB assembly needs, and all of our used machinery is part of the Capital Equipment Exchange guarantee. Contact us today and get recommendations or see a demonstration of any machine.

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Manncorp 28D.400 Compact Wave Solder

Manncorp 28D.400 Compact Wave Solder

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Soltec Delta 6622CC Wave solder

Soltec Delta 6622CC Wave solder

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