Wave solder machines accept a printed circuit board (PCB) or pallet with through-hole or glued SMT components.  They are one soldering option that is used in the PCB assembly process. At Capital Equipment Exchange, we have a variety of used wave solder machines for sale to help you increase your production speed and save money.

The Wave Solder Process

After preheating and fluxing the board, it travels over a solder fountain (or solder wave) which solders the components to the board.

These machines vary in length (primarily due to additional preheat options) for different throughput needs. The equipment is highly configurable for each production line.

  • Wave Nozzles
  • Preheats
  • Fluxers
  • De-bridging Technologies.

Wave Solder Machine Brands

All brands have pros and cons and what works best for your production needs will vary. Our highly experienced Capital Equipment Exchange Sales Consultants can help you determine the solution that works best for you. Some common brands of wave solder machines include:

Speedline Electrovert, Soltec, ERSA, and Sensby

Find Used Wave Solder Machines

We carry fully restored, production-ready wave solder machines for your PCB assembly needs. All of our used machinery is part of the Capital Equipment Exchange guarantee. Contact us to see a demonstration of any machine. If you don't find the equipment you need, please contact sales.

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AIR-VAC SRM4 Solder Fountain

AIR-VAC SRM4 Solder Fountain

Air-Vac bench-top solder fountain for rework

CEE ID: 6195

Status: Available

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