AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) is used to detect defects in the SMT process from screen printing, placement, and reflow processes. AOI can specialize in certain areas (post-print, post-placement, or post-reflow), but often an AOI is capable of any type of defect detection.

With the constant variations in an SMT manufacturing process, the challenge in AOI is often to select a compromise between too much inspection, which will cripple throughput with exception warnings, and too little inspection which will pass exceptions that cause defects. AOI's are available in both In-Line and Off-Line solutions. While In-Line is ideally suited for 100% inspection, it can be resource intensive. Off-Line AOI is better suited for verifying new set-ups after a change over.

There are many players in the AOI industry. Variations in brand are significant and include support, easy of use, capability, and speed. Often buyers are forced into AOI for specific problematic components or applications. Be sure to test your requirements on any AOI before making a purchase.

Some common brands for AOI include:

Nordson YESTECH, Omron, MVP, ViTechnology, Koh Young, Mirtec, Marantz, and Viscom

All brands have their strengths and limitations in technology.  Be sure to consult with a highly experienced Capital Equipment Exchange Sales Consultant to convey your needs.  We can guide you to your best solution.

If you don't find the machine you require, please contact sales. Machines that are coming soon are not listed on our website.

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