Wave solder machines accept a PCB or pallet with through hole or glued SMT components.  After preheating the PCB, the board travels over a molten fountain of solder (wave) soldering the leads and components to the board.

Much like reflow ovens, wave solder machines vary in length (primarily due to additional preheats) for different throughput needs.  Wave solders machines are highly configurable with different types of wave creating nozzles, preheats, fluxers, and de-bridging technologies.

Common considerations for wave soldering is leaded or lead-free, N2 (inert) environment or air, and number and type of preheats. 

Some common brands for wave solder machines include:

Speedline Electrovert, Soltec, ERSA, and Sensby

All brands have their strengths and limitations. Be sure to consult with a highly experienced Capital Equipment Exchange Sales Consultant to convey your needs. We can guide you to your best solution.

If you don't find the machine you require, please contact sales. Machines that are coming soon are not listed on our website.

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