Valuation Markets

If you’re looking for valuations and market knowledge, we invite you to take advantage of SMT equipment lease support from Capital Equipment Exchange. Collaborating with lessors is an essential component of our PCB manufacturing equipment business. We are career players in this industry and can help to provide the valuations and market knowledge you need to draft a successful lease. 

Down the road, we can also help you re-market your end-of-lease assets. This is an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship that we value greatly.

  • Detailed Valuation Projections
  • Expert Asset Analysis
  • Beyond The Number Explanations
  • Total End of Lease Solutions 
  • Quick Cash Offers
  • High Return Consignments
  • Condition Reports Upon Arrival
  • Your Watchdog for Quality Asset Recovery

From Lease Origination To End Of Lease Services

Navigating the terms of your lease is instrumental to its success. We have you covered whether you are seeking up-front research for lease origination or negotiating buyout prices at the end of the lease.

Leave The Market Research To Us

Additionally, we provide you with a clear understanding of your equipment, including its advantages, pitfalls, and configuration. We also share in-depth knowledge of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the status of the current market.

  • Free Service For Lessors
  • Valuation Projections
  • Expert Asset Analysis
  • Beyond The Numbers Explanations

Total End Of Lease Solution For Used SMT Machines

Once your lease is complete, we encourage you to work with us again to resell your end-of-lease assets. We can provide you with quick cash offers or a high return on consignment sales for a variety of types, models, and brands.

Need To Determine Regular Wear & Tear? We Do That.

We ensure that your equipment is functioning properly and in normal working condition once it is returned to our 25,000 square-foot technical center. If the quality of the equipment does not meet your standards and shows more than regular wear, we will work with the leaseholder, who will provide payment to you for any misuse.

Get SMT Equipment Lease Support

You can see how Capital Equipment Exchange has established itself as the watchdog for quality asset recovery. We are confident that you will benefit from our expert advice and, in turn, collaborate with us to market your returned assets. Contact us today for help to create, manage, or close out your PCB manufacturing machine leases.

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