Best returnLooking for the best possible return on your assets?

Consignment sales provide the best possible return on your assets. You retain ownership of your asset while allowing CEE to use its global resources to sell it for you. It’s an absolute turn-key service

How does a consignment sale work?

  • CEE will inspect your asset and can supply you with a complete equipment condition report.
  • CEE will house your equipment in our facility and verify that it meets our highest quality standards for resale. We will then promote it to our network of global clients. CEE will use our proven sales engine to successfully showcase your asset through live in-person and video demonstrations.
  • Our consignment sales are seamless. You can depend on us to efficiently negotiate and close deals, prepare your asset for shipment and handle all of the logistics until the sale is complete.

CEE Sales Engine

  • Storage
  • Global Marketing
  • Repair/Verify
  • Client Demonstration
  • Negotiate and Close
  • Prepare for shipment
  • Shipping Logistics

How can CEE maximize the return on your assets?

  • We are able to showcase your equipment to a long list of repeat buyers who have trusted CEE over the past 15 years. They come to us for solutions and have grown accustom to receiving production ready equipment readily available in our 25,000 square foot technical facility.
  • We can market your equipment to an extensive local, national and international database of buyer. These buyers purchase equipment from our facility to meet their manufacturing demands. We have a significantly broader reach to potential buyers. They also appreciate that we are fully insured.
  • We are professional sales technicians and we match needs to equipment for perspective buyers every day. We’ve developed a successful sales engine that allows us to put your equipment in front of the customers who will benefit from seeing it the most.
  • We can demonstrate your equipment for a potential buyer which can eliminate the risk in purchasing used equipment. Our live in-person or video demonstrations give buyers the assurance that your machine is production ready.
  • We handle everything in-between. Once you have shipped your equipment to us, CEE will take on all of the work until the sale is complete. The only thing left for you to do is cash the check.

Key Points

  • Minimal use of your resources
  • Governed by legal contract
  • Fully insured
  • Condition report upon arrival
  • Status reporting and feedback

For more details download the CEE Consignment Sale Brochure by clicking here

Or contact you CEE Sales Representative at (815) 363-0800 or