Find the most popular types and brand names of used SMT equipment for sale at Capital Equipment Exchange. If you're in the market for used PCB manufacturing machines, our sales team makes it easy for you to not only find what you need but see it in action so that you can purchase with peace of mind.

  • Production-Ready Machines
  • No Surprise Purchase Process
  • Live Demonstration & Acceptance Prior To Payment


"The Capital Equipment Exchange (CEE) is unique because of our industry background. We have actual hands-on experience using this equipment to meet production demands. We understand what you expect in your equipment. Our company has been built around this idea, and that allows us to deliver production-ready equipment,"

—Technical Operations Manager, Capital Equipment Exchange.

Production-Ready SMT Machines. No Surprises.

We provide you with fully functional, production-ready pick and place units, screen printers, reflow ovens, and more. Collaborating with our team, you can visit our facility and thoroughly inspect equipment or watch it perform as intended, rather than simply hoping the machine will function properly once it's turned on.

Not An SMT Machine Broker Or Auction House

When you purchase from CEE, you see the SMT machines run before you make a final payment. Can you do this when buying from a broker or buying at an auction? Most times, the answer is "no. 

Our equipment is housed in a 25,000 square foot technical center overseen by a team of specialists. We are fully vested in selecting only the best inventory for resale, and as a result, we develop long-standing relationships with our customers.

Live SMT Equipment Demonstrations 

Taking the time to examine your equipment and ensure that it performs as intended benefits your bottom line and helps us lay a foundation for future business with you. Too busy or far away to stop by our Illinois warehouse for a detailed, in-person demonstration? No problem. We can arrange a virtual inspection of your machines in action.

You can be sure you're making a dependable, cost-effective purchase that will boost your bottom line. 

We Go Above & Beyond To Build Relationships

Ask us about our application support services. Your sales consultant can analyze and address your unique challenges in order to provide a solution that works for you. Our goal is to have you as a long-term customer and not just a single-time buyer. Just ask our many available references. 

Buy Used SMT Equipment Today

What SMT machines are you shopping for? Save by exploring our inventory and purchasing used equipment you can see working before you agree to buy. Contact the sales team at Capital Equipment Exchange to find out more about our services or start the purchase process. We look forward to making your buying experience with us as seamless and straightforward as possible.


Or contact you CEE Sales Representative at (815) 363-0800 or sales@ce-exchange.com